SARAH | 8 Nov 11:36 2008

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Atte Peltomaki | 24 Nov 11:43 2008

Setting up a Kerberos proxy with Apache


Here's a solution for setting up an Apache proxy as a front-end proxy 
for any service which doesn't natively support Kerberos and uses some 
custom HTTP POST based login. 

The catch is to use mod_perl's input filtering features to selectively
modify HTTP POST request data content by inserting username from the
Kerberos auth and using a default password. This assumes the backend
service is configured without SSL and only allows connections from the
proxy Apache. 

This scenario is quite simple to modify for eg. changing initial HTTP
"GET /" request into a POST, or to use Basic authentication instead of 
POST. Refer to mod_perl documentation for details. 

This setup is probably far from optimal given that every request is
passed through the input filter. If this turns out to have too much
performance impact, I might re-write the filter in C.

Put the MyApache2/ to /usr/local/lib/site_perl/
directory (or elsewhere in  <at> INC).

Apache virtual host config:

        UseCanonicalName on

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entrant Tomlinson | 25 Nov 20:05 2008

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From: entrant Tomlinson <3-teal <at>>
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