Creager, Greg | 19 Jun 23:38 2013

ivy report, no branch information

I find the html reporting in ivy very helpful to our organization but one thing that is missing is the branch
information about the artifact.

You get all kinds of good information now (revision, status, resolver, configuration etc...), but the
vital branch info is missing. If I have two very similar builds that only vary by branch, it is very
difficult to quickly see what component was used.
Charles Duffy | 14 Jun 19:47 2013

Revision mapping (in namespace.xml) => inconsistent module descriptor

Howdy, all --

I'm trying to map a 3rd-party artifact which has been locally referred to
with the revision number "1.0.0" but is upstream "1.0" using a namespace.

I've posted a complete reproducer (ivysettings.xml, build.xml, and output)

It looks like the reverse mapping isn't working correctly, causing
validation of the imported descriptor to fail. I've seen this happen when
the reverse mapping isn't functional, but I'm pretty sure that isn't the
case here -- and can't find any places in Ivy's test suite where revision
mapping is tested (grepping for fromsystem and tosystem in the test suite's
XML files comes up for no cases where rev is specified).

Am I missing something here?
Charles Duffy | 13 Jun 22:10 2013

Unexpected behavior from *-> <at> (mapping configurations not like-named)

Howdy --

I have a wrapper with the following:

<ivy-module version="1.0">
<info organisation="shims.spring" module="spring-web-servlet"
<conf name="default"/><conf name="master"/><conf name="compile"/>
<conf name="provided"/><conf name="runtime"/><conf name="test"/>
<conf name="system"/><conf name="sources"/><conf name="javadoc"/>
<conf name="optional"/>
<dependency org="spring" name="spring-webmvc" rev="3.0.5.RELEASE"
conf="*-> <at> "/>

My expectation is that this will map local to remote configurations only
for those which are like-named.

However, this expectation doesn't hold up in reality -- for some reason,
the "compile" configuration in the shim gets mapped to the "optional"
configuration in the target:

== resolving dependencies
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David Weintraub | 12 Jun 19:20 2013

Bug in Ivy Report -- Ignores "outputpattern" parameter

I tried using <ivy:report> with the "outputpattern" parameter, but couldn't get it to work.

I believe (I'm not a developer) traced the error back to the source:
src/java/org/apache/ivy/ant/ It looks like the program never checks for the
outputpattern parameter. Instead, it looks at the property "" and uses
that. This property is set by default when you use Ivy.

The only way I could change the name of ivy reports is to unset the property
and then set that property to the value I want. Unsetting it, and using the parameter "outputpattern"
doesn't work because src/java/org/apache/ivy/ant/ will set it to the "default" if it
isn't set.

In the end, changing the names of these reports failed to set the link names correctly. 

Either this error should be fixed, or the parameter undocumented.

David Weintraub

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Carsten.Pfeiffer | 8 Jun 16:00 2013

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Jean-Louis Boudart | 4 Jun 18:22 2013

Re: Check available updates for libs in ivy


As far as i know there is no "quick way" to do this yet.

As this feature is also neededi have spend a couple of hours on
it yesterday. I have a something working and i would be able to commit it

Basically it's a new ant task. The task try to resolve all libs with a
configurable revision (latest.release) by default and log :

   - dependency updates
   - new transitive dependencies
   - missing transitive dependencies (in case you upgrade a dependency and
   one of it's dependency disappear you rely on a new version)

The task  will be a post resolve task [1], so all commons attributes would
be available including inline="true" :p.

As mentioned before you will be able to change the revision to check so if
you want to see potential updates including "integration" revision you
could do something like :
<ivy:displaydependencyupdate revisiontocheck="latest.integration"/>

Would this cover your need ?


PS: the name of the task and attributes is not the final one :p if you have
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George Baxter | 31 May 06:25 2013

.ivy2/cache 'stuff'

Hi all,

I've recently reallocated where the default cache is for my ivy-ant build, but I noticed several things are
still ending up in my .ivy2/cache directory.. for example, files are created related to my projects:

-rw-r--r--  1 george  staff  27840 May 30 21:08
-rw-r--r--  1 george  staff   4650 May 30 21:08 ivy-report.css
-rw-r--r--  1 george  staff  21507 May 30 21:08 ivy-report.xsl
-rw-r--r--  1 george  staff   2127 May 30 21:06
-rw-r--r--  1 george  staff   1930 May 30 21:06

What exactly are these files?  Are they used during/for the build?  or are they simply diagnostic output?

George Baxter

marcdb | 30 May 13:32 2013

Publish ivy files without artifacts


Does anybody know if it is possible to publish only the ivy-files and not
the artifacts ? I would like to publish the ivy-files in two locations (with
different pattern), but the actual artifacts should only be published once.


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Mykhailo Oleksiuk | 28 May 09:09 2013

Check available updates for libs in ivy


We have a big project with 100+ libs defined in ivy.xml.

Is it possible to get list of libs that are not up-to-date in quick way(ivy
command/script/ant task etc)?


Mykhailo Oleksiuk.
Justin Teems | 15 May 14:40 2013

ivy:publish - artifacts child element not finding artifact

I have an ivy:publish statement that looks like this in my build.xml:

<ivy:publish resolver="ivysvn" pubrevision="0.0" status="release">
     <artifacts pattern="[conf]/[module]-[conf]-[revision].[ext]"/>

Yet, I get the following error when I publish:

impossible to publish artifacts for myOrg#myModule;working <at> localhost: missing artifact 

I echo the ivy.local.default.artifact.pattern before I call 
<ivy:publish> and get the following:
     [echo] ivy.local.default.artifact.pattern: 

Why can't ivy find my artifacts? They do indeed exist.

Marcos Mendez | 13 May 19:19 2013

download retries / timeout


I'm using the 2.3.0 (just upgraded from rc2) version with some URL resolvers. Is there a way to specify
retries and a timeout for downloads. 

I found this old bug.