Lin Ren | 3 Dec 09:09 2014

Urgent question about JIra issue DERBY-526

Hi Guys,


Sorry for the broadcast… I have a quick question about issue DERBY-526, I’m currently using Derby version, and still meet the same problem:


When I using IPv6 JDBC URL like: “jdbc:derby://2001:db8:0:f101:0:0:0:9:1527/xxx;create=true;user=xxx;password=xxx”


I got the exception: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "db8:0:f101:0:0:0:9:1527"


My searched Jira and found out the issue 526, but seems it is still in open state, can anyone tell me whether the issue is fixed now? And in which version if yes?


Thanks so much!



John English | 29 Nov 13:25 2014

Duplicate key feature request

Something that I find crops up quite often is code to deal with duplicate keys. 
I often want to insert into a table, or update if the key already exists. In 
MySQL I can just use INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE ... for this, but with 
Derby I end up with code that looks like this:

   try {
     //... insert new row
   catch (SQLException e) {
     if (e.getSQLState().equals(DUPLICATE_KEY)) {
       // ... update existing row
     else {
       throw e;

In the absence of something like INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE, would it 
not perhaps be a good idea for Derby to subclass SQLException so that it could 
throw a (say) SQLKeyExistsException to avoid ugly repetitive code like the 
above? Or is there already something that I've overlooked that addresses this 


John English

kosurusekhar | 27 Nov 12:56 2014

User Defined Type as Table Column

Hi folks,

We decided to create a table column with User Defined Type (A java class has
big byte array & certain other properties), Is there any issues or any
problems (performance side) while doing insert / update / delete into or
from this table?

If any body come across this kind of scenario means please suggest me with
your inputs.


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Peter Ondruška | 25 Nov 11:59 2014

Locks on crashed database

Dear all,

I have a database that has locks in SYSCS_DIAG.LOCK_TABLE. How do I remove those locks? I restarted the database but the locks are still there. SYSCS_DIAG.TRANSACTION_TABLE also has related record with status PREPARED. This database was used with XA on application server but it was removed for troubleshooting.


Peter Ondruška
kosurusekhar | 21 Nov 17:04 2014

Derby database insert/update performance in Embedded Linux Box

Hi folks,

We are running application in embedded linux box, box configuration is 2GB
RAM, ARM Quad Core (Up to single core 1.4 GHz /quad-core 1.3).  The insert
statements taking most of the times 20 to 50 milliseconds. Some times it is
increasing up to 1.5 minute to 2 minutes. Again it will come back to normal. 

We are running derby in network server mode, and another java application
running with multi threads trying insert & update. 

Please suggest me how to find & tune this scenario.


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kosurusekhar | 19 Nov 15:52 2014

Using UserDefinedType (UDT) as Stored Procedure parameter will be a performance threat?

Hi folks,

In one of my requirement i have variable number of store procedure
parameters to use, and max will cross derby default limit 92 parameters, so
i used a UDT (a java class which is having all properties will be -1 by
default) in store procedure i will get this class object and check what
columns need to update/insert.

While making our application benchmarking, the behaviour of this store
procedure is not same. Some times it is working less than a second, some
times it going up to 20 seconds to execute. 

Is this UDT will be causing this delay?

I have work load of 10K threads running concurrently, and i am allowing max
100 threads to access this stored procedure.

Stored procedure functionality:

1) check row exists or not by using name column. (name is varchar size of 20
& having index)
2) if not exists get the default data from another table & insert into my
3) if row exists then update the columns.
4) Row exists or not exists(after executing 2nd step), I have 3 insert
statements into 3 different tables.

I am using JDBC to access the db, with AutoCommit off. We have tomcat
connection pool with max 300 active connections, 100 minimum connections.

Please suggest me to make this store procedure consistent.

Thanks in advance.

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kosurusekhar | 17 Nov 14:54 2014

Issues when acessing derby with JDBC in linux

Hello every one, we are using derby network server for 2 years in windows
platform, we are asked to implement same thing for Linux platform. We could
see some issues when running under our project in Linux. Derby network
server we are booting from java service, with default settings. (both
windows & linux)

 We found that our application is hanging with minimum load compare to
windows platform. After verifying with visual vm  to track which
thread/method is consuming more time to execute, we found the following
method taking too much CPU time. **.
I could see in their souce code they have *fill() *method with an integer
parameter used to read the data coming from application. This method is
consuming (CPU Time) in windows 0.1% where as 50% to 65% in Linux.

Our application will be have huge load read/write/update into couple of

Please help me to sort it out.

Thanks in Advance.

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John I. Moore, Jr. | 8 Nov 13:23 2014

No Powered By Derby Logo

There are a lot of “Powered By” logos on the Apache web site (e.g., see and, and there is an official Derby logo (, but I can’t seem to find a “Powered By Derby” logo combination.  Does one exist?  Are there plans to create on in the near future?




John I. Moore, Jr.

SoftMoore Consulting


kosurusekhar | 4 Nov 06:54 2014

Derby online backup with huge database

Hi All,

We implemented to take the derby online backup when ever our application is
launching. It is working fine. But in production the database grows more
than 2GB. It is taking  more than 7 to 10 minutes to take the backup. 

Is this behaviour is normal with Derby database?

Is there any thing need to configure/implement to speedup the backup

Please advice me in that.

Thanks in advance.


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Bob M | 30 Oct 02:13 2014

Storing an RSS feed news headlines in Derby


Very new to RSS feeds :)

I wish to store title and pubDate for each headline news item on a RSS feed
in a Derby database

Would appreciate some pointers as to how to achieve this

Bob M

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shoyeb sheikh | 28 Oct 10:51 2014

derby network server start problem


I am using netbeans 8 and derby DB, I want a java code to start apache derby network server automatically at the start of my program codings, 

Right now I have to manually start network from Java DB node after right clicking the node

Please help,