Rich Bowen | 15 Dec 18:09 2014

ApacheCon Austin keynotes (and other stuff)

Over the coming days, I'm going to be tossing some things onto the list, 
in the hopes that someone will have time to step up and take some of 
these tasks, which I afraid I'm going to drop if I don't get them 
written down somewhere. So, here's one of them ...

I started a conversation a while back about potential keynotes for 
Austin - that thread is at

I wonder if someone might have time to dig through that thread for 
names, and, perhaps contact information that might go with them.

And we're always looking for additional suggestions, always bearing in 
mind that diversity is important, and, as observed at ApacheCon last 
month, "dudes with beards", and "dudes without beards" doesn't count as 

We've got an etherpad going at 
with a Keynotes section down at the bottom. It's becoming a bit of a 
mess, but until we have a better place to track stuff (maybe an actual 
doc in svn?) that's where I've been braindumping stuff. (You'll need ASF 
LDAP committer credentials to edit that etherpad.)

Thanks in advance.


Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen -  <at> apachecon

Andrus Adamchik | 14 Dec 10:10 2014

Content tracks vs standalone talks

Hi, I am considering submitting an Apache Cayenne talk for ACNA. To be precise, the talk will be about
building model-driven REST applications with Apache Cayenne and LinkRest (a framework based on
Cayenne, and a potential incubator candidate).

Following discussion about tracks on this list, I've been wondering where do standalone talks fit here? Is
it imperative to find an appropriate track for the talk, and what happens if it doesn't cleanly fit anywhere?

Appreciate guidance/insight on this.

TUSHAR SONI | 14 Dec 07:04 2014

Contribution in Apache for Gsoc 2015


I want to contribute in Apache in next year's Gsoc2015. I know C/C++ and JS
but don't know how to getting started with this project. So can anyone help
me for further progress.

Best Regards,
sebb | 13 Dec 18:49 2014

ApacheCon 2015 logos

There don't appear to be any ApacheCon logos in SVN yet:

It would be useful to have these so websites can link to them.

[I can fix the various distribution files once the logos have been
made available, but my graphics ability is non-existent].

jan i | 13 Dec 14:02 2014

Fwd: ApacheCon NA 2015 Travel Assistance Applications now open!

Hi committers <at> ,

The Travel Assistance Committee (TAC) are pleased to announce that travel
assistance applications for ApacheCon North America 2015 are now open!

We'll be holding ApacheCon North America 2015 in populous Austin, TX April
13 - 17, 2015.

TAC exists to help those that would like to attend ApacheCon events, but
are unable to do so for financial reasons. For more info on this years
applications and qualifying criteria, please visit the TAC website at < >. Applications are already open, so don't

*Important dates*...

   - Sunday 1th February2015 - CFP closes
   - Friday 6th February 2015 - TAC Applications close

Applicants have until the the closing date above to submit their
applications (which should contain as much supporting material as required
to efficiently and accurately process your request), this will enable TAC
to announce successful awards shortly afterwards.

As usual TAC expects to deal with a range of applications from a diverse
range of backgrounds. We therefore encourage (as always) anyone thinking
about sending in an application to do so ASAP.

We look forward to greeting many of you in Austin, Texas in April.

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Ross Gardler (MS OPEN TECH | 12 Dec 17:25 2014

ApacheCon track descriptions

Track organizers you have a small job to do...

Sally is working up a marketing campaign to align with ApacheCon. This is a campaign for the foundation not
for ApacheCon itself, however it will run during the push for attendees and is intended to both ride on the
ApacheCon press and contribute to it.

In order to help Sally plan this campaign can you please provide a 3-5 sentence description of your track in
the wiki ( Don't worry about the
details. We'll help flesh out a more "marketing friendly" set of words. We just need some guidance on what
your track will contain.

As an example here's what I wrote for my cloud track:
"The cloud changes everything. The Apache Software Foundation changes everything. This track will focus
on how The Apache Software Foundation and, more specifically, the Apache projects are often found at the
core of the latest and greatest innovations in IT. Sessions in this track will show how the Apache Way
enables the largest and the smallest of companies to work together to redefine IT. We'll also take a look
into the future of cloud computing and how Apache projects fit into, even defines, that future."

Rich Bowen | 8 Dec 23:00 2014

ApacheCon Austin "content committee" deadlines

A reminder, if you've committed to producing a track for Apachecon 
Austin, the deadline for the CFP is Feb 1. So you have less than two 
months to craft your track and solicit speakers for that content, and 
get their abstracts into the CFP system.

The earlier you communicate to this list, or to me, how many day/tracks 
you expect to be able to fill, the better. (One day/track is 6 talks, 
except on closing day, when it's probably 5 due to keynotes and 
lightning talks and whatnot.)

I expect to fill two day/tracks with httpd/web/tomcat/trafficserver stuff.



Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen -  <at> apachecon

Krzysztof Sobkowiak | 7 Dec 14:41 2014

Apache Community Development site


I'd like to ask whether this site ( is a
static site or generted using any static site generator (like Jekyll).
Where is the repository containing this site?



Krzysztof Sobkowiak

JEE & OSS Architect | Senior Solution Architect  <at>  Capgemini | Committer
 <at>  ASF
Capgemini <> | Software Solutions Center
<> | Wroclaw
e-mail: krzys.sobkowiak@...
<mailto:krzys.sobkowiak@...> |
Twitter:  <at> KSobkowiak
Leif Hedstrom | 1 Dec 17:57 2014

[PROPOSAL] Move out release schedule by ~1 month going forward

Hi all,

I’d like to propose that we shift all future releases forward by roughly 2 month. So, the releases would be
as following (note that 5.2.0 is on the “legacy” schedule):

	5.2.0 — December 2014
	5.3.0 — April 2015 (this is an LTS)
	6.0.0 — July 2015
	6.1.0 — October 2015
	6.2.0 — January 2016
	6.3.0 — April 2016  (this is an LTS)

The rationale for this is basically that a release in November almost never makes sense. No one will deploy
anything around Thanksgiving and/or the winter holidays. In addition, I feel these schedule fits better
into how we have been scheduling ATS Summits.


— Leif

Igor Galić | 25 Nov 16:52 2014

(improving) New Committers Info

Fellow Humans,

this weekend the trafficserver team added a new committer,
which means that i sent out this wonderful template with
a link to

for further information.

Who of you remembers getting that email?

and who remembers reading it, and weeping softly, because you
had no idea what's going on, and how you'll ever stand up to
the impossible standards of the demi-gods that just stretched
out a finger to you?

or is that just me? oh, well…

well, one way or another, these walls of text, and i'm using the
plural here, because in trafficserver's case we also invite people
to the PMC at the same time, which means they also get:

are profoundly unhelpful, out-dated, and to quote rich:

07:40 <+rbowen> igalic: Very discouraging and overwhelming. 
07:40 <+rbowen> Almost all of the first block of questions are ... pointless
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Rob Vesse | 25 Nov 12:36 2014

Attendee Numbers for ApacheCon EU?

Does anyone have an attendance figures for last weeks ApacheCon EU since I
ideally need to include it in my conference trip report?

Also one of the conference volunteers mentioned in passing that they were
counting attendees in individual sessions.  If they were is this data going
to be collated and shared anywhere?