Gaurav Saini | 26 Jul 08:42 2014

SFD Event Help

Hello Team,

We are organizing Software Freedom day (SFD 2014) in our university. We 
have been organizing SFD yearly, and encourage students to participate 
in open-source projects.

As, a Apache Committer I was thinking If I can get some swags stickers, 
posters and other give aways for SFD so I can promote Apache 
Organization at university level and encourage students to get 
participated or contribute for the organization's projects. Yearly many 
students contribute to Apache as GSOC interns and to motivate more we 
have this great opportunity, If Apache Org can help with some swag, it 
will be so useful for us.

Can you please let me know about the scope of this request ?


Gaurav Saini
Developer and Internet Marketing

Sharan Foga | 25 Jul 10:41 2014

ApacheCon EU 2014 registration email still says Denver

Hi All

I just did my speaker registration for ApacheCon EU 2014 and the 
confirmation email still says "We look forward to seeing you in Denver".

Can anyone change this to Budapest instead?


Kay Schenk | 24 Jul 19:09 2014

more prominence for ASF activities?

Some of us just received a nice little summary from Melissa on the ASF's
activities at OSCON -- kudos to everyone on all this!

However, on looking at the ASF main home page,,
events of any kind are not easily found. I'm wondering if a prominent
"Events" tab might be in order.



"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved."
                           -- George MacDonald

Rich Bowen | 24 Jul 18:26 2014

ApacheCon Schedule announced: Help still needed

We're delighted to announce the schedule for ApacheCon Europe 2014

There are still several ways that you can you can help. Examine the 
parts of the schedule you care about and:

* Identify talks that are in a sub-optimal order
* Identify speakers that are speaking twice at once, or back-to-back
* Read talk titles and abstracts - send me edits for grammar, clarity, 
spelling, whatever. Point out boring titles.

And, most importantly, tweet, blog, facebook, G+, mail user lists, dev 
lists, and PMC lists, put up posters, and get the word out. Follow 
 <at> apachecon on Twitter and obsessively retweet everything.

Early bird pricing ends AUGUST 1, so the next week is important in 
getting tickets sold.



Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen -  <at> apachecon

Bertrand Delacretaz | 24 Jul 09:49 2014
Picon, where?

Hi (Rich mostly I guess),

Should we report corrections for
here, or where?

I have a few things for now:

My company name says AEM, should be Adobe

The "How Secure Your Framework Is" talk title should probably be "How
Secure Is Your Web Framework?"

There's an extra uppercase T in the "Your Search doesn'T work" talk title.


Pierre Smits | 21 Jul 11:08 2014

Banner Apachecon on website pages

Hi All,

Currently several pages are showing the banner for the Apachecon US 2014
event in Denver.

Shouldn't we change that with the banner for the Apachecon EU 2014 event in


Pierre Smits

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Based Manufacturing, Professional
Services and Retail & Trade
Melissa Warnkin | 17 Jul 20:42 2014

ASF Lands' End Store - Fw: Overstock savings plus free logos!

In case you're interested....

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To: ea@... 
Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2014 12:22 PM
Subject: Overstock savings plus free logos!

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Rich Bowen | 15 Jul 20:09 2014

ApacheCon schedule selection, almost ...

As you may know, we were supposed to send out speaker notifications for 
ApacheCon today. This isn't going to happen, but we're nearly there. We 
should have talk selections by tomorrow. An actual schedule (shuffling 
what days get what tracks, eliminating places where someone speaks twice 
at once, that kind of thing) will take a few days longer. So hopefully 
we'll have speaker notifications by the end of the week, and an actual 
schedule announced the end of next week.

If you want more details, please drop by #apachecon on Freenode IRC. 
Unless you want to bug me about why this talk and not that talk, in 
which case please don't, because it's been brutal. It's *never* about 
selecting the good talks and dropping the bad ones. It's always about 
deciding *which* good talks to drop.

Special thanks to the folks who have helped out so much in this process, 
but especially to Jan Iversen, without whom I'd still have at least 4 
days of work left to do.



Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen -  <at> apachecon

Pierre Smits | 12 Jul 00:15 2014

Apachecon EU 2014 and OFBIZ talks

Hi Rich,

I have taken a look at the spreadsheet and it seems that the OFBiz pitches
for talks all have the status 'New', these have been reviewed.

Has the spreadsheet been generated before the reviews took place, or has
something else occured?

Best regards,

Pierre Smits

Services & Solutions for Cloud-
Based Manufacturing, Professional
Services and Retail & Trade
Rich Bowen | 11 Jul 22:16 2014

ApacheCon - Uncategorized talks

Yes, me again. Yes, I'm going to keep bugging you right up until 
ApacheCon, and then start in on the next one. :-)

There are currently 48 talks that are still uncategorized. This makes it 
hard for me to schedule them. And, alas, I need help categorizing them.

For convenience, I've moved these talks all over to the UNCATEGORIZED 
tab, and could really use some help putting them in some kind of 
coherent categories that I might be able to turn into content tracks.


(By the way, with current space limitations, we could presumably add a 
few additional tracks, but each additional track "costs" an extra $5k, 
approximately, for the space. I say "costs" because it's more 
complicated than that, with waiving a speaker's admission, additional 
signage, and so on, but that's a ballpark. However, if scheduling a 
particular type of content brings on a particular sponsor who cares 
about that content, then it's all good.)


Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen -  <at> apachecon

Rich Bowen | 11 Jul 21:36 2014

OSGi and CXF and Karaf and who knows what at ApacheCon

I need help with the content that's in the CXF/OSGi tab on the 
spreadsheet at

I must admit that I am utterly ignorant of this technology space, and 
I'm not even sure if it's a legit categorization for a track or group of 

Can someone please review the stuff in there, possibly splitting it into 
two separate tabs that we can schedule from?

A track, by the way, is 6 talks, plus, optionally, one or more talks by 
people who already have accepted talks, to serve as fallbacks.




Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen -  <at> apachecon