Stefan Reich | 26 Aug 15:54 2015

Quick Apache "developer community" profile

"What is the legal basis for...?": 73 answers and counting.

"I have made a new programming language" (JavaX!)... 0 replies.

What is this place? Place of confusion & smoke mirrors?

Check out JavaX.

Franco Perruna | 23 Aug 18:39 2015

Root meine experia z3

Ross Gardler | 22 Aug 23:43 2015

[VOTE] Ripple Release 0.9.32

A vote is underway on the Ripple Dev list for release 0.9.32.

The Ripple dev thread can be found at

The text of the initial vote email is copied below for your convenience.

At this point we have 2 IPMC votes and 3 PPMC votes, I request IPMC members to look over the VOTE for us:

--- pasted initial VOTE text from

[Since 0.9.31 was a bust because of a regression, here is another release that includes a fix
for that regression (and a couple of other minor fixes)]

Please review and vote on the release of Ripple 0.9.32.

The package you are voting on is available for review at
The SHA-1 hash for the package is:


It was published from its corresponding git tag:

    incubator-ripple: 0.9.32 (f8c6a0bc99)

While we need three +1 *binding* votes (which for an Apache Incubator project like Ripple
means Apache IPMC members), active Ripple contributors and committers/PPMC members are still
encouraged to review the release and vote. Before voting +1, please refer to and verify compliance
with the checklist at
(however, we only need to consider changes since the previous release).
(Continue reading)

Ross Gardler | 23 Aug 00:56 2015

RE: [VOTE] Ripple Release 0.9.32

Moving comdev to BCC, adding dev <at> ripple as it should have been


From: Ross Gardler
Sent: Saturday, August 22, 2015 2:43 PM
To: general@...; ComDev <dev@...>
Subject: [VOTE] Ripple Release 0.9.32

A vote is underway on the Ripple Dev list for release 0.9.32.

The Ripple dev thread can be found at

The text of the initial vote email is copied below for your convenience.

At this point we have 2 IPMC votes and 3 PPMC votes, I request IPMC members to look over the VOTE for us:

--- pasted initial VOTE text from

[Since 0.9.31 was a bust because of a regression, here is another release that includes a fix
for that regression (and a couple of other minor fixes)]

Please review and vote on the release of Ripple 0.9.32.

The package you are voting on is available for review at
The SHA-1 hash for the package is:


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Andy Flosdorf | 21 Aug 17:41 2015

Storm / Heron

Hello –


In the past 18 months, our organization has undertaken a project utilizing Apache Storm.  However, we’ve recently learned that Twitter has replaced Storm with Heron. 


Are there any resources that discuss this transition by Twitter in the context of Apache’s plans to continue to develop and utilize Storm? Will the transition by Twitter likely lead to the discontinuation of Storm over time?


Any resources to which you could point that describe the discussion would be helpful.


Thank you,



Andy Flosdorf, MPH     

612.412.1588  |  |




Vice President of Technology

Advanced Health Institute

Woodlake Centre Building

6625 Lyndale Ave, Ste 300

Richfield, MN 55423


Direct: 612.412.1588

Ofc: 952.767.4911 | Fax: 952.487.0149

Confidentiality Notice: This e-mail transmission, and any documents, files or previous e-mail messages attached to it, may contain confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient, or a person responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of any of the information contained in or attached to this message is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you have received this transmission in error, please immediately notify us by reply e-mail or by telephone at (952) 767-4911, and destroy the original transmission and its attachments without reading them or saving them to disk.


Francis De Brabandere | 18 Aug 17:39 2015

Reporter has issues with our project name containing a dash


we are scoring second worst apache project on the reporter...

I think this is partly related to our name containing a '-'. The tool
mailed me pointing to which should have been


Score note: No email sent to ANY ML in the past quarter (-2.50氣)
Score note: Less than one email per month sent to all MLs combined in the
last six months (-2.00氣)

this is clearly incorrect, see and

We previously had problems with git and other tools. Could somebody look
into this?

Francis De Brabandere
Apache Empire-db chair
sebb AT ASF | 14 Aug 19:55 2015

Projects-old: Redirect RSS and Atom Feeds

I have updated the Apache server on projects-new to redirect /feeds to

This fixes any links to the RSS/Atom feeds.

If there are any other such redirects that need to be added, please
let me know and I can try and set them up.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From:  <sebb@...>
Date: 14 August 2015 at 18:39
Subject: infrastructure-puppet git commit: Redirect RSS and Atom Feeds
To: infrastructure-cvs@...

Repository: infrastructure-puppet
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/sebb-auth-update f51f0120d -> 271740a75

Redirect RSS and Atom Feeds


Branch: refs/heads/sebb-auth-update
Commit: 271740a75ef8bbe4171a4bc4e99c695447de155d
Parents: f51f012
Author: Sebb <sebb@...>
Authored: Fri Aug 14 14:25:31 2015 +0100
Committer: Sebb <sebb@...>
Committed: Fri Aug 14 14:25:31 2015 +0100

 data/nodes/ | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)
diff --git a/data/nodes/
index a755bcf..dbc6375 100644
--- a/data/nodes/
+++ b/data/nodes/
 <at>  <at>  -55,6 +55,7  <at>  <at>  vhosts_asf::vhosts::vhosts:
       <Location />
         Require ip
+      Redirect /feeds

     vhost_name: '*'

Stian Soiland-Reyes | 14 Aug 12:33 2015

No announce <at> archive for August?

Why is there no announce@... archive for August?

The list seems still to be working in external archives:


Stian Soiland-Reyes
Apache Taverna (incubating), Apache Commons RDF (incubating)

shathawa | 12 Aug 06:01 2015

[Fwd: Time to propose a CS Capstone Project!]

This is an opportunity for Apache projects to propose an undergraduate
senior student project to support your development efforts.  You will need
to supply a mentor.  I can provide some on-campus support if required.

Steven J. Hathaway
shathaway <at> a.o
---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Time to propose a CS Capstone Project!
From:    "D. Kevin McGrath" <dmcgrath@...>
Date:    Tue, August 4, 2015 11:44 am
To:      shathawa@...

Colleagues --

Just an reminder that we are still interested in your projects! If you've
already submitted one, thanks! If you're still thinking about it, feel
free to
contact me to discuss it.

Original call below.


Have you always wanted a particular software tool developed for your use, but
have never had the time to do it yourself? Well then, read on. Have I got
a deal
for you!

My name is Kevin McGrath. I am the instructor who runs the OSU Computer
Senior Capstone class. The Capstone class is a 3-quarter (Fall, Winter,
"career preparation" experience. The major piece of this is doing a
3 member team project.

When the students come to the first class on September 24, I want to present
them with a list of exciting, creative, and real-experience software
project possibilities. This is where you come in. I am looking for you to use
your needs and experience to propose those project possibilities.

A web site has been setup to give you more information, and let you enter and
edit your project proposals:

You have until September 24 to get yours in. That is the date the students
see them, and will start the selection process. In that process, I ask the
students to "bid" on their top 5 choices. I ultimately make the final project
assignments, but I try to take their preferences into account. I find I get
better results that way.

There will likely be more projects proposed than students teams to do
them. *So,
really sell your project.* Definitely don't understate its cool-ness
factor! The
more excited you sound in the description, the more excited they are
likely to
be when doing it. Excitement is contagious!

After projects have been selected, we will follow a client-contractor
model in
which I "run" the software contract company and you are one of our valued
clients. The students "report" to me, but you, as client, work directly with
them to design the requirements, set the timeline, approve the progress. You
also get to help assign grades.

This year I'm asking you to explicitly distinguish the projects that are
research oriented vs. those that are more software engineering focused. If
would like to propose a research project for the students, please indicate
using the Additional Comments field.

Given the nature of a research oriented project, I find that better
results are
had if the students are initially aware of the type of project. If you are
unsure, that is not a problem. I'm happy to work with you on the details
of your
project -- just submit it, and then we can chat about any changes that
might be

Any project can be proposed from anybody. I don't care where you are from,
that your project represents an excellent software engineering experience for
the students.

Do remember, however, that these are seniors. They have taken the core
so far, but most have not taken some of the electives that would really
help in
some projects, such as graphics, AI, computer vision, etc. Keep that in mind
when proposing.

If you have questions or want to discuss project possibilities, feel free to
contact me at:

		 D. Kevin McGrath
		 Instructor, Computer Science
		 Oregon State University
		 2109 Kelley Engineering Center

Thanks for your time -- I look forward to working with you!

If you'd like to see currently proposed projects as the students will see
them, see

						 -- Kevin McGrath

Rich Bowen | 11 Aug 20:07 2015

Apache Meetups, Aug 11-18

The following are the meetups I'm aware of in the coming week where
Apache enthusiasts are likely to be present. If you know
of others, please let me know, and/or add them to

If there's a meetup in your area, please consider attending. If you
attend, please consider taking a few photos, and possibly even writing
up a brief summary of what was covered.


* Tue Aug 11 in Seattle, WA, US: What's New in Solr 5 Security & Solr 
Custom Collector: The Anti-Score -

* Tue Aug 11 in Austin, TX, US: IBM Bluemix's - Spark Analytics and 
Cloud Data Services -

* Tue Aug 11 in Waltham, MA, US: A Cloud Foundry Framework for Apache 
Mesos -

* Tue Aug 11 in Houston, TX, US: Michael Drob: Solr & Cloudera -

* Tue Aug 11 in Austin, TX, US: Learn about IBM Bluemix's Cloud Data 
Services -

* Tue Aug 11 in Laguna Hills, CA, US: OCJavaScript&friends Simulsquad™ 
Coworking/training+Social on your topics -

* Tue Aug 11 in Phoenix, AZ, US: Sports and Predictive Analytics -

* Tue Aug 11 in London, 17, GB: Container Infrastructure -

* Tue Aug 11 in New York, NY, US: Big Data with Hadoop and Spark( 6 
weeks of Tues/Thur) -

* Tue Aug 11 in Nottingham, J9, GB: First Meetup! -

* Wed Aug 12 in Phoenix, AZ, US: "Connecting Professional Resources" 
Monthly Meeting -

* Wed Aug 12 in Tel Aviv-Yafo, IL: Meetup with Lin Nease - IoT Chief 
Technologist, HP -

* Wed Aug 12 in Mountain View, CA, US: Introduction to using H2O for 
Data Science -

* Wed Aug 12 in Atlanta, GA, US: Summer Scala -

* Wed Aug 12 in Los Angeles, CA, US: B2B Business Opportunities with 
Samsung Knox -

* Wed Aug 12 in San Jose, CA, US: Live Session - BIG Data Analytics via 
Hive -

* Wed Aug 12 in Mountain View, CA, US: Elastic Meetup at Netflix -

* Wed Aug 12 in Irvine, CA, US: Polyglot comms - Protocol Buffers and 
Thrift and what they do for you -

* Wed Aug 12 in Washington, DC, US: Live Session - BIG Data Analytics 
via Hive -

* Thu Aug 13 in Dayton, OH, US: DDV - Visualizing Big Data and 
Exploratory Data Analysis with R -

* Thu Aug 13 in Sterling, VA, US: Enterprise Dataflow with Apache NiFi -

* Thu Aug 13 in Hanover, MD, US: Happy Hour for Java Professionals -

* Thu Aug 13 in Seattle, WA, US: Monthly Meetup: Apache Cordova and 
Maker.js -

* Thu Aug 13 in Westminster, CO, US: Thursday 13-August 2015 meetup, 6pm 
 <at>  DU -

* Thu Aug 13 in Atlanta, GA, US: Taste Wrecking Bar Beers and talk about 
Building a Streaming Data Platform -

* Thu Aug 13 in American Fork, UT, US: Let's get together to talk about 
C*. -

* Thu Aug 13 in London, 17, GB: Think your software is fault tolerant? 
Prove it! - Christopher Batey -

* Thu Aug 13 in Princeton, NJ, US: Spark Streaming -

* Thu Aug 13 in Hamburg, DE: Spark at Akanoo -

* Thu Aug 13 in Los Angeles, CA, US: Study Session: Angular.JS & Ionic 
Framework With Troy Miles -

* Fri Aug 14 in Ottawa, ON, CA: Regular Friday get-together -

* Fri Aug 14 in Santiago, CL: Data science y visualización de 
información: experiencias y demostraciones -

* Sat Aug 15 in Portishead, M3, GB: Dance The Night Away -


* Sun Aug 16 in San Francisco, CA, US: Work on homework in advance; 
Algorithms: Design and Analysis Week 3 -

* Sun Aug 16 in Laguna Hills, CA, US: OCJavaScript growth&planning­ mtg 
esp for top-leaders&new-helpers -

* Sun Aug 16 in Mountain View, CA, US: Big Data Scala By the Bay 
Conference: 20% off for group members, with Flink Talk -

* Mon Aug 17 in Cupertino, CA, US: Beta Test Apache Cassandra 
Certification -

* Mon Aug 17 in Melbourne, AU: Deep Learning & Real World Experiences -

* Mon Aug 17 in Minneapolis, MN, US: Using CoreLocation at Scale -

* Tue Aug 18 in San Francisco, CA, US: Interactively Search & Visualize 
Your Big Data and NLP for Lucene -

* Tue Aug 18 in Washington, DC, US: Spark Jeopardy at Zoomdata! -

* Tue Aug 18 in Den Haag, NL: Introduction into Apache Spark -


Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen -  <at> apachecon

Ajoy Bhatia | 10 Aug 20:10 2015

Re: slack

Just wanted to make a comment on the mail from Louis Suárez-Potts <
luispo@...>, in which he related his conversation with James
H., a
Slack engineer. Comments are inline below. Highlighting is mine:

So, I pinged the nice folks at Slack (and they really are nice!, or at
> least the guy I communicated with), and asked them about:
> * open source: No.
> * the issue of uncaptured conversations, as Ted D. mentioned ("there is a
> huge danger of *off-list discussions*…").
Here, I interpret "off-list discussions" to mean: "discussions occurring on
Slack that are not captured on the mailing list.

> To the latter, which James H. of Slack recognised as important, he
> suggested:
> <quote>
> ...our new-ish reactions feature:
> One team I'm in has coopted a particular emoji to *flag conversations as
> off-topic – a friendly but brief way to say "please take this elsewhere"*.
> This probably wouldn't work for the social dynamics of every team, but it
> does work in this particular case.
> </quote>
 The Slack engineer (James H.) and Louis (see below) both seem to have
misunderstood "off-list", and confused it with "off-topic". The two are not
the same.

I further replied that in this case that the technical solution seemed
> interesting but that *given the basic nature of the problem (it’s a human
> thing), I’d guess that the solution will necessarily include discipline*.
> Cutting off options is going to get increasingly hard and we (Apache) run
> the risk of coming to seem fustian, stodgy, obsolete, old fashioned and
> everything else. Perhaps—as with GitHub—discipline and then yet more
> recognition of the importance of inclusive community, is the ticket.

- Ajoy

> > > >
> > > > 2015/8/11 上午1:35於 "Benson Margulies" <bimargulies@...>寫道:
> > > > >
> > > > > I think it's important to recognize how the board and the
> foundation
> > > > > have handled this issue over time.
> > > > >
> > > > > The absolute requirement is open decision-making. Avoiding
> real-time
> > > > > communications avoids many possible failures of open
> decision-making.
> > > > > (Not, of course, all.) After all, the simplest primrose path here
> is
> > > > > two people standing at the intersection of their cubicles. The
> policy
> > > > > has always been to sternly warn that the use of real time
> mechanisms
> > > > > involves risks of failure, and that failure involves risks of the
> > > > > board's blunt instruments being deployed. Does all of this slow
> down
> > > > > some processes, and cause some people of limited patience /
> boundless
> > > > > energy to get frustrated? Yup, things have costs.
> > > > >
> > > > > Just writing up the results on the mailing list isn't good enough
> if
> > > > > there is no real opportunity for people to question, deliberate,
> and
> > > > > change the course of action.
> > > > >
> > > > > You want to have a bar camp, a con call, a slack discussion, a set
> of
> > > > > messages exchanged by carrier pigeon? Then it's up to you to make
> sure
> > > > > that you don't end up excluding people from the decision-making
> > > > > process.