David Nalley | 1 Oct 01:44 2014

Apache Extras PoC

Hi folks:

Roberto and others from Sourceforge have set up a proof of concept for
the SF-based replacement for Apache Extras. You can take a look below.
Comments/Input welcome.



Stefan Koch | 27 Sep 12:37 2014

Open Source Survey...


I know you probably get a lot of these, but I have been doing a lot of 
research on free / open source (you can check it up on Google Scholar), 
and we are doing a survey on free/open source developers who also work 
professionally, it would be a great help if you could forward it to some 
people within Apache projects. I have copied the text and link below...

Thanks a lot,




Dear developer,

we are conducting an academic research project on free / open source 
projects at Bogazici University of Department, funded by Bogazici 
University Scientific Funds, in cooperation with Warwick University. The 
project aims to learn more about the motivations and conflicts of free / 
open source contributors. In line with this purpose, this survey is 
intended for participants who work on free / open source projects  while 
they also work professionally (or did both at the same time in the 
recent past).

We would appreciate your participation in the survey, which takes about 
10-15 minutes to fill, as your contribution will provide very important 
insight into our understanding of free / open source contributors. The 
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Rich Bowen | 24 Sep 16:08 2014

[ApacheCon] Fallback keynote for Budapest

One of our keynotes for ApacheCon Budapest has been withdrawn, and we 
need to come up with a replacement, fairly quickly.

I wanted to have a bunch of eyes on the options that have been already 
suggested to me. If you have a *great* suggestion, and contact info, 
please speak up. If it's just a random suggestion and you don't have a 
personal contact, please save it for next year, as we need to move 
quickly on this.

EU-based speakers are preferred for reasons of logistics.

So, here's what's been suggested so far:

Dirk-Willem suggests: can prolly dig out a BBC one from the woman who is 
the key brain/architect behind iplayer and olympics if needed - or 
something from the BBC archive folks.

Sebastien suggests: you might reach out to  <at> swardley who has connection 
with UK gov and their adoption of open source open standards. It does 
not seem that the intent was to discuss open source in e-governement, 
but It would be an interesting subject and slightly less politically 

Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier has a talk schedule about why we need to preach 
the gospel of Apache more than we're doing now, and this was initially 
submitted as a keynote.

I was sure I had more of them, but I'm not able to find them right now 
in the brief break between meetings, so please speak up if you've 
suggested something and I've overlooked it.
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Rich Bowen | 24 Sep 15:00 2014

ApacheCon Austin keynotes

I'm starting to look for keynotes for ApacheCon Austin. I have one 
locked in already, and wanted to let people here know about it.

ApacheCon Austin happens to take place 20 years to the week from the 
very first public release of the Apache Web Server that started all of 
this. Brian Behlendorf will be giving a keynote in Austin talking about 
the lessons of 20 years, and about the progress we've made since then.

I've received numerous recommendations of other possible keynotes, and I 
need to put these somewhere to track them other than my inbox, and I 
hope to be doing that before the end of this week, so that we can have 
some transparency around the selection process.



Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen
http://apachecon.com/ -  <at> apachecon

Andrea Pescetti | 20 Sep 22:57 2014

Registration for ApacheCon

Two very small issues that I met while registering for ApacheCon:

1) Tutorials hours have an unnecessary (actually, wrong) "Mountain time" 
qualifier: http://i.imgur.com/G01c00n.png

2) The Terms and conditions say that photographs and recordings may be 
used for publicity purposes for the Linux Foundation and the 
OpenDayLight project: http://i.imgur.com/Ad60g57.png ; I have nothing 
against it at the moment, but if there had been "Apache Foundation" in 
place of the (unknown to me) "OpenDayLight project" I would have found 
it more reassuring.


Pei Chen | 19 Sep 22:20 2014

How to host a successful Apache Meetup?

There have been some interest around the cTAKES dev/user community in
the local Boston area and we were thinking about hosting a meetup.
Any general pointers?  How do folks normally pay for the meetup.com
organizer fees?

Rich Bowen | 19 Sep 15:37 2014

ApacheCon - How you can help

Here's the most important ways that you can help with ApacheCon EU right 
now, in order of importance.

* If you are involved in an Apache project that has content at 
ApacheCon, send messages to your users <at>  and dev <at>  list telling them about 
that content, and telling people that they need to be there. Tell them 
specifically what talks they need to come for, and what developers 
they'll get to hang out with at the event. Tell them that they are doing 
their career a disservice if they don't come to this event. Remind them 
that committers have a deep discount, so if they're not committers now, 
here's a *great* reason for them to get on that train for next time. 
Remind the US audience that if they can't make it to Budapest, they 
should plan to come to Austin in April.

* Reach out to other audiences - Twitter, Facebook, and G+, certainly, 
but also other non-Apache projects you're involved with that have strong 
overlap with our content. Again, mention specific talks and people that 
will be at the event.

* If your company cares about or relies on any Apache technology, 
encourage them to sponsor the event and/or send an employee to the 
event. Remind them that it's about more than just the technical content 
- they will get to have first-hand contact with the people that develop 
the software, and become part of that community, with the possibility to 
participate in shaping the future of that product. If there's a spark of 
interest in sponsorship, have them get in touch with me - 
rbowen@... - and we'll take it from there.

* Follow and retweet the  <at> apachecon account.

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Luciano Resende | 18 Sep 22:49 2014

[NOTICE] Welcome Ulrich Stärk as new Community Development PMC Chair

The Apache Community Development PMC has recommended and the Board has
confirmed Ulrich Stärk as the new ComDev PMC Chair.

Congratulations !!!


Luciano Resende
Pierre Smits | 18 Sep 17:48 2014

OFBiz <at> Apachecon EU 2014

Hi All,

Did you invite all your European contacts to come to Apachecon EU 2014? Now
is a great opportunity to do so, as the event will be held in approx. 2
months. Apachecon EU 2014 is a great event to learn all about the (other)
great achievements of the open source projects under the umbrella of the
Apache Software Foundation (the ASF), but foremost a great opportunity to
exchange insights and ideas about how to use and improve OFBiz.

The event will be hosted in Budapest and will be held from the 17th till
the 21st of November. An overview of the OFBiz talks can be found here:

Best regards, and looking forward to meeting you there in person.

Pierre Smits

*ORRTIZ.COM <http://www.orrtiz.com>*
Services & Solutions for Cloud-
Based Manufacturing, Professional
Services and Retail & Trade
Pierre Smits | 18 Sep 07:56 2014

Apachecon US 2015 Texas

Hi Rich, All,

Is a timetable/ list of milestone dates available regarding the event,
stating when papers need to be submitted, reviewed, etc.?

Best regards,
Pierre Smits

*ORRTIZ.COM <http://www.orrtiz.com>*
Services & Solutions for Cloud-
Based Manufacturing, Professional
Services and Retail & Trade
Greg Stein | 9 Sep 20:54 2014

plz take community <at> apache

Heya peeps... could community.a.o please do something about the deprecated
community <at> apache mailing list? I would suggest it becomes an alias for
dev <at> community (and its archive just moves into stasis).

(I haven't filed Infra tickets to fix, since it should be decided by y'all