Guitar Man | 25 May 20:06 2015

Apache, HTTP/2 and SPDY

Hello Developers!

Someone knows if Apache Foundation is working to include the SPDY in the
new Apache version for HTTP/2?

The Apache WebServer is the most used application and everyone needs a
solution about this issue.

I am paying CPANEL with Apache, and all my website that are using
SSL/HTTPS, the SSL Negotiation is very slow.

Thanks for the opportunity for discussion.

Good work for all!



Andre Luis de Andrade
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Sharan Foga | 22 May 09:15 2015

Apachecon EU Track Themes


Do we have any more information on the proposed track themes for 
Apachecon EU?

I'd like to start sending out some CFP requests to my community on our 
mailing lists etc but before I can do that I need to get some idea of 
what areas we are needing to cover.


Niclas Hedhman | 22 May 06:03 2015

I am not sure who should be contacted, but doesn't match
the * SSL Certificate and one gets a big fat warning in modern
browsers that the site shouldn't be trusted.

I think it needs to be corrected...


Niclas Hedhman, Software Developer - New Energy for Java
Michael Rice | 22 May 00:23 2015

Code repo for

Hi There--

I saw a few small typos that I'd like to fix and submit PRs for, but I couldn't figure out where the source code
for is hosted. I swear I searched as much as I had patience for on the site itself for a
link to a Github repo. I even searched itself. 

Maybe you're hosting the code somewhere else...

If I just overlooked something obvious, please accept my apologies.

Thanks in advance though.

Michael Rice, Consultant
Red Hat Consulting
(206) 817-8177

Pavel Semyonov | 17 May 08:38 2015

redirection setting in .haccess

Hello Apache Gurus,

I'm for sure not a professional in Apache and I need to find a one-time 
solution for a problem below to support my new technical bilingual site.

I have a primary domain <dname>.COM and domain <dname>.RU set as an alias 
for <dname>.COM at the same ISP. All pages are bilingual and are located in 
one directory, i.e. all English pages are <page>.HTM and are intended for 
international customers whereas the corresponding <page_ru>.HTM Russian 
mirror pages are for Russia domestic customers. Correspondingly, the startup 
index page INDEX.HTM has its INDEX_RU.HTM mirror in Russian.

I need to redirect the www.<dname>.RU site opening request, which Apache 
automatically routes to the INDEX.HTM page (because <dname>.RU is set as an 
alias for <dname>.COM site),  to  the INDEX_RU.HTM page instead in order to 
have all Russian customers to go to the Russian pages initially. I guess 
that this shall be done somehow using Rewrite module
directives in .haccess file.

I looked thru Apache 2.4 online manual and it looks to be not easy to
understand how to do and will take me a lot of time to learn and debug. This
is not my business actually and I just need to find a one-time solution and
forget about this.

Pls note, that I need the www.<dname>.RU domain as an alias for the .COM 
domain and not as an add-on domain with simple automatic start page 
redirection to the page of the .COM site. I need to keep .RU domain as basic 
domain for all pages once user has came into the www.<dname>.RU domain 

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sebb | 16 May 16:52 2015

Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Project Visualization Tool...

The main problem I have with JSON is that AFAIK it does not support comments.

On 18 April 2015 at 19:03,  <herve.boutemy@...> wrote:
> Yes, I have no problem with json vs xml: the question is more to define the schema like doap did it, and write
documentation for projects to know where to publish what information
> editing current generated json just creates a new information source, without any documentation
> My point is: afaik, the purpose of the site is to display info in newer ways, then json generated from every
existing piece of information is great, like any other format that would better suit some other visualization
> But if we're creating any new source of information that competes with existing one, this has to be done
with great care on documentation, explanation on how to migrate and so on
> of course the raw format is not an issue: no religion here on xml vs json vs yaml vs ...
> Regards
> Hervé
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> Envoyé: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 11:44:54 +0200 (CEST)
> Objet: Re: Re : Re: Project Visualization Tool...
> On Saturday, April 18, 2015, <herve.boutemy@...> wrote:
>> It was told the new site would use native json, instead of doap
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Hervé BOUTEMY | 15 May 00:38 2015

projects-new.a.o updates


I seriously updated content:
- *every* TLP is listed, even when no DOAP file has been written [1]
- TLP project can be displayed, even without DOAP and provide link to every 
sub-project [2]
- when a TLP has a "main sub-project" with its DOAP file, data from TLP and 
data from DOAP subproject are clearly separate [3]
This makes more clear what DOAP is used for (and why we need projects hand-
writing some data, but not everything)

I didn't update target doap urls [4] since I don't know what precisely to do: 
copy doap files that were processed, in appropriate directory, and with 
consistent filename than generated json?

Feedback expected :)







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Jim Jagielski | 14 May 21:41 2015

Fwd: Thank You for Joining Pivotal at ApacheCon and Welcome Apache Geode!

Hrm.... Is this SPAM due to Pivotal getting my Email via the ACUS roster?


> Begin forwarded message:
> From: Andrea Rojas <anrojas@...>
> Subject: Thank You for Joining Pivotal at ApacheCon and Welcome Apache Geode!
> Date: May 14, 2015 at 10:51:16 AM EDT
> To: jim@...
> Reply-To: anrojas@...
> Message-Id: <1063550227.890044935.1431615076532.JavaMail.root@...>
>  <>
> Hi Jim,
> Pivotal had a lot going on this year as a Platinum sponsor at ApacheCon. In addition to several excellent
sessions, Pivotal also debuted Apache Geode <>
(now incubating) – the new in-memory distributed database that will form the open source core of
Pivotal GemFire <>.
> Pivotal is looking for supporters for the Apache Geode technology and community. Check out this blog
<> for information on how to get involved.
> For additional opportunities to support the effort:
> Visit the Apache Geode page <>
> Participate in the Apache Geode community <>
> Learn how you can become a project contributor to this powerful in-memory, distributed database in this
video <>
> Join this webinar <> on June 2nd for a technical
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Edward J. Yoon | 12 May 09:08 2015

I'm looking for "State of the Feather" filetype:pptx

Hi community,

In this month, I plan to talk about ASF at my company as below, and
wanting to reuse some slides from a presentation that you created for
the overview of ASF. I googled "statistics apache software foundation"
(this web page doesn't show anything w/ Loading Data...) and ApacheCon
2015 Ross Gardler "State of the Feather" filetype:pptx, ... but
couldn't find the sources. And I'm wondering whether there's some
comparison with Linux Foundation or Eclipse.

If possible, Please share with me. And, if you have any
suggestion/advice to me (or message to my coworkers), Please let me


Date: May 20, 2015
Location: Future Hall at Samsung Electronics
Attendees: Samsung Group employee of the world

Title: Open Source at Apache Software Foundation
Speaker: Edward J. Yoon, a member of Apache Software Foundation
Summary: In this talk, we're going to take a look at what Apache
Software Foundation is, which projects are being developed, and how to
contirbute them.

= Agenda =

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Karl Heinz Marbaise | 10 May 16:50 2015

Mailing list statistics (PMC available only)


I can see on that page the statistics for the mailing lists of the Maven 

The question is. Can this be made visible for the community? Or do we 
have already such a thing which is available?

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise
Apache Maven PMC

Karthik Rajendran | 9 May 08:37 2015

Reg -Join Community

  Hi All,

      I created java based bean validation .The bean validation will work
as generic based API.The api will validate the pattern matches and not
null, empty. i would like to submit this API to Your community .please
guide me
Right now i am working as associate of projects at MNC

1.Annotation based validation
2.Generic based Validation
3.Pattern Matches validation
4.Business Model class validation

Under going projects

1. Run time Exception Capture by Auto

Java Associate of Projects