Christoph Emmersberger | 26 Oct 21:29 2014

Consideration to Create GitHub Mirrors for Apache Extras Project


I’m reaching out, in order to get your thoughts on the creation of GitHub mirrors for existing Apache
Extras project.

Quite some time ago, we had an infrastructure related discussion on the camel-extra mailing list [1] and
figured, that GitHub might be a good collaborative space that attracts other developers. Additionally,
GitHub provides a well established code contribution approach. In order to bring the discussion into the
right direction, I have filed an INFRA ticket [2], to track the progress on this topic. My proposal is:

(1) Create an “Apache Extras” organisation on GitHub (similar to the Apache organisation [3])
(2) Notify Apache Extras projects about the existence of the GitHub organisation
(3) Mirror existing Google code git repositories

Even if there are still ongoing discussions, if Google code is the appropriate space for Apache Extras, the
creation of mirrors would not interfere any migration opportunities and rather facilitate any upcoming decision.

Please provide your thoughts on that topic.

Many thanks and kind regards,


 <>[3] <>

Rich Bowen | 24 Oct 20:52 2014

OpenOffice folks: ApacheCon template?

One more try - can any of you fine OpenOffice folks whip up a slide 
template for ApacheCon EU, like was done for Denver?



Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen -  <at> apachecon

Sergio Fernández | 16 Oct 08:59 2014

apachecon otp?


I'm starting to prepare my presentation, and I'd like to check if is 
there already any template for openoffice.

Thanks in advance.



Sergio Fernández
Partner Technology Manager
Redlink GmbH
m: +43 660 2747 925
e: sergio.fernandez@...

Shane Curcuru | 15 Oct 13:57 2014

Re: The ASF and Apache OFBiz (was: Re: ASF Status website and project health reporting)

The best place to start this discussion in terms of needs is over on the
dev <at> community mailing list - no need to include folks individually
unless they ask.

There are several different issues to work on:

- Need and design: what does the ASF or some projects actually need, and
how could we better present a design that would be easier to use and
maintain?  Note also that projects use a wide variety of site generation
and maintenance tools, and to get better adoption any new tool needs to
fit easily into existing Forrest, Maven, or other tools that various
projects use (i.e., adoption on a per-project level, like for
project.a.o/mailinglist pages, would be up to each project)

- Work: Who is actually going to provide the code, take feedback from
various parties, and help maintain any new solution?  This is where
having an iterative design is important, because many of these efforts
start with great new volunteers, but never get finished or fully
deployed when the rest of the world interferes with people's dayjobs.

- Code: Any hosted solution needs to be maintained by the
infra team.  In particular, infra is moving to centralize all the
per-person data into our custom LDAP scheme, which is being expanded to
include PMC membership and plenty of other data.  Some info is on the blog:

There's been a lot of updates to how the core LDAP is being used and is
exposed on http or https endpoints in the past year, so it would be
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SealMedia Global | 11 Oct 16:30 2014

Cordava 3.6.3 Bug

Dear Sir,

I hope this mail finfs you well.

Npm - NodeJs Package Manager - forces developers to use the latest
Cordova file sets;
even if they are in their beta version. The (cordova.js) in Cordova
3.6.3, the latest I've
downloaded as of this date, is much much smaller in size (61 Kb) as
compared to the (cordova.js) in Cordova 2.8.0 (219 Kb)

The reduction of size means that many items
have been deleted/ removed from the latest release - Specifically the
Network State section... i.e. when there is no internet connection, it
should Not say that the page can not be displayed - It should alert
users in advance like it was before.

Kindly get back to me as soon as you can.
Kind regards.

Rich Bowen | 9 Oct 21:28 2014

ApacheCon EU, about a month to go

We've got about a month to go before ApacheCon EU, and it's time to ask 
for your help again.

A few weeks ago, JZB posted this list of suggested tweets:

We are now in the time period where, historically, half to two thirds of 
our registrations happen, and we're currently at the 170 mark - less 
than half way to where we want to be. We need your help getting the word 

If you could go through the list and select a dozen or so of these that 
your acquaintances might be interested in, and send these out to mailing 
lists, twitter, Facebook, G+, and so on (especially mailing lists 
related to your projects) that would be an enormous help in getting the 
word out, and bringing in those extra 250 registrations that we'd like 
to have for this event.

If you use something like Hootsuite or Buffer, it's a fairly simple 
matter to schedule a few dozen tweets to span the coming weeks.



Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen -  <at> apachecon

Amirehsan Sadeghi | 8 Oct 14:44 2014

cloud stack problem ( NFS USING )

Dear My friends  , 

i download and installed Apache cloud stack version 4.4 in my server on my home  , 

after the installation is completed , 

and i build  a instance ( CentOS 6.5 for web server  ) , 

when i restarted my server , after this my cloud stack management server can not deliver service , 

after i research it , i founded be this problem in cloud stack program , 
now i tell you this problem : 

cloud stack for use N.F.S storage in Linux systems , use command mount 
mount command problem is if we Forgetting umount the file system , main system go to halt mode , for  this problem
we used automount command  , automount command if any problem is connections or any problem main system
never halted and work it , 

Now , please in the Apache cloud stack source code in the mount function/procedure ,  please replace mount to
automount command.!!!


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Emiliano Bossi | 6 Oct 10:36 2014

Remove me

Dear Sirs,
I would like to remove my subscription from this community, How can I do?


Best Regards
Emiliano Bossi
Igor Galić | 3 Oct 16:27 2014

[ApacheCon] Replacing my Talk (Replacing Squid with Traffic Server)

Hello happy people,

i submitted a talk this year's ApacheCon in Budapest, and i
am a bit late in admitting to myself, and to *you* that i
won't be able to prepare a talk on this particular subject.
(the project this particular talk was based on fell flat)

if you want someone else to fill my slot on this exact subject,
i can solicit someone else from the traffic server community.

if instead you want to keep me as speaker, i can talk about
open source (and) burn out.

i've talked to Rich about this on irc, but it's only now,
that i'm en-tour to my third conference in two weeks, that
i'm taking the time to write this email…

feedback highly welcomed.

so long,
-- o/~ i
Igor Galić

Tel: +43 (0) 664 886 22 883
Mail: i.galic@...
GPG: 8716 7A9F 989B ABD5 100F  4008 F266 55D6 2998 1641

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David Nalley | 1 Oct 01:44 2014

Apache Extras PoC

Hi folks:

Roberto and others from Sourceforge have set up a proof of concept for
the SF-based replacement for Apache Extras. You can take a look below.
Comments/Input welcome.


Stefan Koch | 27 Sep 12:37 2014

Open Source Survey...


I know you probably get a lot of these, but I have been doing a lot of 
research on free / open source (you can check it up on Google Scholar), 
and we are doing a survey on free/open source developers who also work 
professionally, it would be a great help if you could forward it to some 
people within Apache projects. I have copied the text and link below...

Thanks a lot,




Dear developer,

we are conducting an academic research project on free / open source 
projects at Bogazici University of Department, funded by Bogazici 
University Scientific Funds, in cooperation with Warwick University. The 
project aims to learn more about the motivations and conflicts of free / 
open source contributors. In line with this purpose, this survey is 
intended for participants who work on free / open source projects  while 
they also work professionally (or did both at the same time in the 
recent past).

We would appreciate your participation in the survey, which takes about 
10-15 minutes to fill, as your contribution will provide very important 
insight into our understanding of free / open source contributors. The 
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