no | 26 Jan 13:34 2015

Project base data change for project 'attic-click'


    The following new base data was set for attic-click by henkp:

    "category": "", 
    "GitRepository": "", 
    "bug-database": "", 
    "description": "", 
    "mailing-list": "", 
    "programming-language": "", 
    "file": "attic-click", 
    "pmc": "attic", 
    "shortdesc": "JEE web application framework", 
    "download-page": "", 
    "homepage": "", 
    "SVNRepository": "", 
    "name": "Apache Click"

    With regards,

Kay Schenk | 22 Jan 23:44 2015

[CODE] keyboard shortcut definitions?

Does anyone know where I can find information on where actual keyboard
shortcut definitions -- the actual escape sequences -- are defined for
use in OpenOffice. I found an old thread on where the menus are defined
-- the *.xcu files -- but the not the actual ascii sequence assignments.



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  and some loss to even things out."
                    -- Lou Reed

no | 22 Jan 22:08 2015

Project base data change for project 'bloodhound'


    The following new base data was set for bloodhound by rjollos:

    "category": "project-management", 
    "GitRepository": "", 
    "bug-database": "", 
    "description": "Apache Bloodhound is a tool for managing software projects, with issue tracking at the
heart of it's capabilities. Bloodhound provides supports multiple projects, provides powerful search
capabilities and a user-friendly design, and integrates with popular source control software
including Apache Subversion, Git and Mercurial.", 
    "mailing-list": "", 
    "programming-language": "Python", 
    "file": "bloodhound", 
    "pmc": "bloodhound", 
    "shortdesc": "Apache Bloodhound is a software development collaboration tool, including issue
tracking, wiki and repository browsing", 
    "download-page": "", 
    "homepage": "", 
    "SVNRepository": "", 
    "name": "Apache Bloodhound"

    With regards,

Arpit Agarwal | 22 Jan 21:32 2015

Google Summer of Code 2015 Under Apache Software Foundation

I am a student from Computer Science and information technology
branch. As a part of GSoC 2015 program i would like to do the project
under Apache. It will be a great learning experience under Apache
mentors. I am a Java programmer but i haven't contributed to Apache
projects and to any open source organization yet. But i am a quick
learner and some of the projects at Apache have interested me and i am
looking to contribute in the same. But is the amount of contribution
of a particular individual considered for that student  to be a part
of GSoC program or the development knowledge is taken into account. I
am asking this as i haven't contributed yet. But any suggestions as to
which project i must start will be valuable for me.


Sharan Agrawal | 22 Jan 16:28 2015

Inquiry regarding GSOC Projects at Apache Software Foundation

I am a student pursuing Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi,
India. I am enthusiastic about working on projects to solve latest problems in computer science. I have
read about some of the projects done by students as a part of GSOC(Google Summer of Code) under Apache and
they really excite me. I believe that pursuing a project under the guidance of the acclaimed mentors from
Apache Software Foundation will be a great learning experience for me and hence I want to apply for the
same.I have implemented a number of projects using C, C++, Python, Groovy over Grails, PHP, HTML, CSS and
worked with databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. Some of my significant projects include: Knowledge
extraction using machine learning methods Student 'Moodle'(Portal) in  PHPRestaurant Order
Management System in COnline Consent Management and Monitoring System in Groovy over GrailsCryptex
Online Treasure Hunt game in PHPI strongly believe that the knowledge and experience gained from these
projects will assist me in pursuing challenging projects at Apache Software Foundation.I will be
thankful and delighted if you could suggest me some projects which will be relevant according to my
experience. I am open to learning new technologies in case they are required for a project.Thanks and
Regards,Sharan Agrawal 		 	   		   		 	   		  
no | 22 Jan 10:35 2015

Project base data change for project 'samza'


    The following new base data was set for samza by humbedooh:

    "category": "", 
    "GitRepository": "", 
    "bug-database": "", 
    "description": "Samza is a stream processing system for running continuous computation on infinite
streams of data.", 
    "mailing-list": "", 
    "programming-language": "", 
    "file": "samza", 
    "pmc": "samza", 
    "shortdesc": "", 
    "download-page": "", 
    "homepage": "", 
    "SVNRepository": "", 
    "name": "Apache Samza"

    With regards,

Lewis John Mcgibbney | 21 Jan 21:12 2015

Re: non-technical volunteer?

Hi Claude,
Please accept my apologies for delay. I have been extremely busy.
Yes definitely there are opportunities or such participation.
I'm CC'ing in dev <at> community list in the hope that someone can chime in and
potentially find a useful and interesting position for your wife to spend
her time.
I've also CC'd Melissa Warnkin the Foundation's EA. Melissa usually has
excellent ideas and also potential areas where she could use a hand.
Thank you kindly folks for any feedback to Claude.

On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 1:27 PM, Claude Warren <claude@...> wrote:

> Lewis,
> Are there any volunteer positions for people that want to assist with
> Apache convention planning but need to do it remotely.  My wife is
> interested in exploring such volunteer positions, though she is also open
> to other opportunities.  Is there some place that lists non-technical
> opportunities?
> Claude
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> I like: Like Like - The likeliest place on the web
> <>
> LinkedIn:


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Justin Mclean | 21 Jan 01:17 2015

Re: [VOTE] Apache Flex SDK 4.14.0 RC1


Sorry -1 binding due to LICENSE/NOTICE issues,  locale issue and the RSL issue

I checked (on OSX):
- md5 and signatures correct
- LICENSE and NOTICE have issues ( see below)
- No unexpected binaries in source 
- All source files have Apache headers
- Can compile from source
- Can create a usable SDK
- Simple desktop, mobile and browser apps work
- Simple desktop RSL app fails to work with error:
Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: file:///Users/justinmclean/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder 4.6/SimpleRSLTest/bin-debug/textLayout_20150121.swf
Looks like the file is question is named "textLayout_4.14.0.20150121.swf" not the expected "textLayout_20150121.swf".

I'm yet to test any of the new mobile skins, flat theme or new component.

The source LICENSE file is missing a few things I think:

Noticed this (and variations of):
This is SVG, a language for describing two-dimensional graphics in XML.
     Copyright 2001, 2002 W3C (MIT, INRIA, Keio), All Rights Reserved.

In these files:

And this "Copyright (c) 1999 World Wide Web Consortium" in:
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Jay Vyas | 18 Jan 16:29 2015

Mailing lists, sites, ...

Hi Apache .

Every so often we get the question come up: does Apache infra allow/support ____.  The answer is sometimes
"not yet" and related to the fact that there are 100s of projects that require uniformity at Apache, and it
would be chaos of every new project was allowed a new infrastructure.


Now that project infrastructure is easier using things like github and static sites or google groups
forums etc.... Maybe the ASF could loosely agree to support some types of "alternative" project tooling,
as long all project conversations and decisions and artifacts were centrally archived at Apache?This
can easily be done by simply adding an Apache email address to a monitor a particular forum , or github
issues notifications or whatever.

Benefits of looser grip on community infrastructure:  

The main benefit of Apache in a post github era is not the storage and mail servers - it's the centralized
archiving, community process, and transparent workflow.  And those things can be implemented with any technology.

So, my general thought is : Apache still can enforce its core principals while loosening some of the more
granular rules around infrastructure . Maybe the time is now (or maybe not) to start allowing projects to
branch out their tooling  ... While still supporting the tried and true mechanisms and not pressuring
infra every time someone wants to use some new email alternative or site hosting solution.

In any case looking  forward to feedback on this from some Apache veterans .

Benedikt Ritter | 18 Jan 13:34 2015

Mailinglists - a tool from the 90s?

Hi all,

over at the Apache Commons Project, we have a long discussion about our
mailing lists. Are they to noisy? Should they be splitted up into sublists?
Should individual components go TLP?
IMHO Ben McCann summed up the core problem pretty well [1]. Mailing lists
are simply a outdated tool from the 90s. They can not compete with tools
like github/gitlab that integrate the code with the possibility to do code
reviews, disucssions and bugtracking.

Now I'm curious: Does anybody here really like the use of mailing lists? Or
do we all simply go through the struggle of setting up filters etc. just
because this is the way it has always been?




Mattmann, Chris A (3980 | 17 Jan 19:25 2015

Re: Project recertification

Looking good reading through it now!

Chris Mattmann, Ph.D.
Chief Architect
Instrument Software and Science Data Systems Section (398)
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, CA 91109 USA
Office: 168-519, Mailstop: 168-527
Email: chris.a.mattmann <at>

Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science Department
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089 USA

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