Sharan Foga | 26 Jul 15:00 2016

Distributing ASF Material

Hi All

I was chatting yesterday to a contact from the Women in Big Data group (WiBD)

and they mentioned that they would be represented at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
event in Houston later this year. I hear that conference tickets are pretty much sold out.

They have a stand are willing to distribute ASF marketing material on our behalf. I didn't know if that was OK
or not so am asking here. As the ASF may not be officially represented at that conference  – would
another organisation distributing ASF material be an issue?

Ausmarn Mankong | 25 Jul 16:18 2016

Help with task: Help ensure our events calendar is up to date and complete

I would like to help out with the task listed at

Outsite this
Niclas Hedhman | 23 Jul 13:28 2016

RT - Our place in universe

*The Open Source Community is to Software Development,  what the Science
Community is to Technology*"
                               -- Niclas Hedhman, 2016


Niclas Hedhman, Software Developer - New Energy for Java
Nicole Bostock | 21 Jul 19:06 2016

Red Hat Request for Apache High Resolution Logos


My name is Nicole Bostock and I work for Red Hat Marketing. We're looking
to develop a graphic about the open source community and need the following
vector or high resolution logos (with transparent backgrounds if
available). If someone could please send them to nbostock@..., I
would greatly appreciate it!

- Apache Camel
- Apache Tomcat
- Apache AMQ

If you also have the following, they aren't as needed but would be awesome
to have!

- Apache CXF
- Apache HTTP Server

Thank you for your help and for all you do for open source!

Nicole Bostock
Marketing Communications Specialist | Red Hat Consulting
irc: nbostock
m: (910) 551-5138
Ian Boston | 20 Jul 12:08 2016
Gravatar fails ping and connect in the UK

In from the UK I am seeing failing ping and connect.
If I access it from the EU via a VPN, no problem.

Is anyone else in the UK seeing the same problem ?

Traceroute reveals the packets appear to stop in telehouse, but I don't
quite trust that result without validation.

Best Regards

x43543:sling ieb$ traceroute

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte

1 (  26.986 ms  17.092 ms
62.250 ms

2 (  11.713 ms  18.927
ms  125.865 ms

3 (  12.173 ms  122.831 ms
11.651 ms

4 (  12.691 ms  119.620 ms  11.985 ms

5 (  12.293 ms

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Sharan Foga | 19 Jul 14:38 2016

Encouraging Diversity Update 3

Hi Everyone

I just saw Mark's mail and realised that it's been a few weeks since my last update,  so I'd like to give you
another brief update about what has been happening.

Hackbright Webinar
Nick Burch has volunteered (can I use that word? :-) to present the Apache Intro and I'll hopefully be
presenting the rest.

I've heard from several Python related projects that would like to be included in the webinar (Ambari,
Chemistry, Open Climate Workbench, Milagro and Thrift). Hackbright only asked for 3 projects so it will
all depend on timing and number of slides to see what will fit.

The webinar run through has been moved to this Thursday (21st July) and the webinar itself has been
confirmed for 28th July. Hackbright will be recording it so that it can be played on demand.

Diversity Survey
I've drafted an initial survey and would like to share it with a small group of people, to get some feedback
and comments. If you would like to help out then please let me know and I'll send you the link.

General Diversity Strategy and Approach
I've had some very good feedback and references from Joan and Jan (from Couchdb) that I think could be very
useful. As my main focus is currently the webinar, I'll will pick this up again once that has been done.

William A Rowe Jr | 18 Jul 20:40 2016

Re: Cross-project blog post?

I'm happy to do this, but if someone is already set up with,
please feel free to beat me to it, I am not set up at the moment

On Jul 18, 2016 11:03 AM, "Rich Bowen" <rbowen@...> wrote:

Absolutely. We should be proactive about stuff like that. Be sure to cc
Sally with whatever you do.

On 07/18/2016 10:14 AM, William A Rowe Jr wrote:
> In response to (which has no actual ASF
> vulnerability we are aware of) the HTTP, Tomcat and ATS projects
> collected feedback, along with validation from the Perl project;
> Does it make sense to blog this, or at least R/T from  <at> TheASF?

Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen -  <at> apachecon
William A Rowe Jr | 18 Jul 16:14 2016

Cross-project blog post?

In response to (which has no actual ASF
vulnerability we are aware of) the HTTP, Tomcat and ATS projects
collected feedback, along with validation from the Perl project;

Does it make sense to blog this, or at least R/T from  <at> TheASF? | 17 Jul 14:49 2016

Community Outreach Task

Dear Dev.,

I will like to help with the task relating to reviewing entries and marking them as not appropriate on the
application that pulls content from

Best regards,
Omotayo Aina
Andre Reis | 15 Jul 18:11 2016

Avro Tutorial


I was getting started with Avro (with Python 3.5) and I noticed your
tutorial code doesn't work.

Besides having a problem on the Python module, on the file, on
the part where you check if the codec is valid (which I think has already
been fixed on your github, just not released yet), the tutorial code has
some parts who need fixing, like:
avro.schema.parse function does not exist, it is, instead,
and on the same line, after the .read() function you must add .decode(),
otherwise you'll be getting bytes instead of a string, and it won't work.

Those are the basic errors that happen both on the reading and on the
writing part.

Would you want to fix this?

I'm not sure if this is the right email or place to ask this, but I can
send you my changes to the code, if you wish. If this isn't, please
redirect me somewhere else.

Thank you,
Rich Bowen | 12 Jul 20:52 2016

ApacheCon: Getting the word out externally

As you are aware, we are holding ApacheCon in Seville in November. While
this seems like a long way away, it is critical that we get on people's
calendar now, so that they can plan, get budget approval, and spread the
word to their contacts.

Here's how you can help.

If you Tweet, please consider using some of the following sample tweets
to get the word out:

Save the date. #ApacheCon is coming to Seville, November 14-18 2016.

Come join me at  <at> ApacheCon in Seville in November.

#ApacheBigData is the best place to learn what's next in the world of
big data. November 14-16 in Seville

.  <at> TheASF is 300 projects strong and growing. Come learn about all of
them at  <at> ApacheCon in Seville -

Follow  <at> ApacheCon and  <at> TheASF, and retweet mentions of ApacheCon, to
spread the word. Thanks.

If you use other social media platforms, share the URLs of the events
and their CFPs, to collect the broadest possible audience for our
events, as well as getting the best content:

Big Data:
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