Rich Bowen | 17 Apr 15:08 2014

ASF Youtube?

Who's got the ASF Youtube credentials? I've got ApacheCon videos to upload.



Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen -  <at> apachecon

Lewis John Mcgibbney | 12 Apr 18:44 2014

Automatic CXF/JAXRS API Documentation Generation

Hi Folks,

First things first, ApacheCon NA in Denver was kick ass. Really kick ass.
I'm on my way home still after many many hours of delays and it doesn't
matter as I've had a sh*t hot week and wouldn't change it for the world.

Now down to business... I am looking for an Apache project (if one exists)
which can auto generate documentation for the Apache Tika JAXRS web
service. I suppose I am looking for something _similar_ to miredot [1].

Can anyone point me in the right direction/help me out here?



Anil Ravindrakumar | 10 Apr 12:50 2014

Request for an Interview


  My name is Anil and I am a student at the Hamburg University of
Technology, Germany.

I am writing my thesis on User innovations: how users are working together
on projects in an online community.

As committers, I am sure many of you would have worked on interesting
projects.  I would like to have a short interview with you, hearing your
thoughts and motivations that drove you to work on such projects.

Please drop me an email at rkanil06@... to participate in the
interview. I assure you that the information will be used for academic
purposes only.

I am looking forward to hearing from you !

Nóirín Plunkett | 9 Apr 18:03 2014

Introduction: students want to learn about Apache

Community Project,

Let me introduce Shauna, from

She sets up events for college students who are interested in open source.
Her next batch of kids, at George Mason University (April 19th -, is interested in Apache--would anyone be
available to go and talk with them? Alternatively, would anyone be
available to participate remotely/via video call? (I've known Openhatch for
several years now, and can strongly vouch for their awesome bona fides.)

Openhatch also have events coming up in Boston (April 26th and 27th),
Chicago (April 26th), Salinas (May 3rd) and elsewhere, where Apache people
would be very welcome to get involved.

There are a few main ways to be involved as a mentor.  For people who are
local to an event, they are very welcome to come and mentor throughout the
day.  This usually means answering questions, sometimes presenting
activities, and helping students contribute to projects.  The last part of
the day involves a period of 1-3 hours where students begin to make
contributions to open source projects.  If people feel there are specific
projects they know well--particularly projects you're a committer for--you
can help students contribute to those projects specifically.

To be a "project lead" one does not have to be there in person--you can do
this remotely by being paired with a local mentor.  It's also important to
note that mentors don't have to be programmers, and contributions are not
just code contributions.  Any kind of open source contribution is welcome,
as are any kind of contributor.  :)

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Rich Bowen | 9 Apr 17:16 2014

Apache Event Calendar


I keep forgetting to mention this, so while I'm thinking of it ...

Who has access to the Apache event calendar -  I know you do, 
but does anybody else?

What's the policy for what gets put on there? Is it only official events 
like ApacheCon, barcamp, meetups, etc, or does it also include 
third-party conferences like Lucene Revolution and whatnot? Or is that 
kind of vague at the moment?

I see that isn't listed, for example 
- is this by design, or just got overlooked?

Is this something that warrants further discussion?

Personally, I think we should err on the side of promoting any event 
where Apache content is primary, but not so far as to promote things 
like Pycon, LinuxCon and so on, where although Apache community building 
might happen, it's just too much noise - this isn't a general conference 



Rich Bowen - rbowen@... -  <at> rbowen -  <at> apachecon

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Alex | 8 Apr 22:29 2014

[Legal PMC] Question with Creative Commons License

Hello Apache Foundation !

My question will be simple, on this page : 
you specify : “For any other type of CC-SA licensed work, please contact the Legal PMC.”

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 international ( ) can be included in a project licensed
under the Apache version 2.0 ?

Thank in advance !


Alex Johnson
Dave Cottlehuber | 3 Apr 18:22 2014

ASF promotional material - slides etc

Next week I’m giving a talk to some compsci students at a university. Naturally ASF will be prominently
mentioned. Does anybody have any existing slides or content to help me introduce the ASF? I’ve found the
excellent content already BTW.

Dave Cottlehuber
Sent from my PDP11

sebb | 28 Mar 19:00 2014

Committer/PMC voting process is out of date

The committer/PMC voting process [1] is out of date, as it still
mentions the ACK e-mail rather than NOTICE.

Also, the process appears to suggest that the invite is sent to the
prospective new PMC member before the NOTICE period has elapsed. That
is not ideal. If there were ever a NAK from the board it would be too
late to cancel the invite. This does mean that occasionally the board
may be notified of an invite that is later refused, but that seems
better than the alternative.

The page ought to agree with the main site [2], [3]

Not sure who is entitled to update the Community pages?


Zhiwei Cai | 21 Mar 20:19 2014

Request for modification of GSOC proposal

Sadly I just find out some small mistake in my proposal right after the
application dealine. Is it possible to allow me to modify my proposal to
fix it? Here is the link to my proposal:

Rich Bowen | 17 Mar 14:42 2014

Fwd: Miscellaneous sessions that still need labels

I could use some help on these. Can someone suggest what 
tags/labels/tracks should be associated with the first three of these? 
(I can guess the fourth one.)


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	Miscellaneous sessions that still need labels
Date: 	Fri, 14 Mar 2014 14:54:01 -0700
From: 	Angela Brown <angela@...>
To: 	Rich Bowen <rbowen@...>

Hey Rich,

These sessions need to be labeled - ideas on what track label they 
should go under? Thanks!

Osmosis - a PDF Conversion Tool using Apache PDFBox and Apache POI 
RESTless API Design with Apache Thrift: Experiences from Rearchitecting 
Apache Airavata 

Using Apache Commons SCXML 2.0: a general-purpose and standards based 
state machine engine 

Creating Hybrid Apps with Sencha Touch and Apache Cordova 
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Mike Kienenberger | 12 Mar 21:44 2014

Request to vouch for the Terasology organization's participation as a mentor in GSOC 2015

I'm involved with another organization, Terasology --, that submitted a GSOC proposal for the second
year in a row.   According to the six Terasology representatives at
the GSOC 2014 post-mortem IRC meeting with rejected organizations,
Terasology was denied this year mainly due to the lack of an approved
organization vouching for them.  I'm hoping the ASF will vouch for
them next year.

I've been participating in Terasology's community since December of
2013, and my opinion is that they are qualified
to participate in GSOC due to their professionalism, community
building, mentoring, length of time the project has existed, and the
interesting nature of the tasks they proposed.   In my opinion, they
demonstrate many of the traits we prize at the ASF.    They also
managed to convince me to switch over from SVN to git and, more
importantly, mentored me through the two-week process of changing my

Terasology is looking at other possible organizations to vouch for
them -- they had compiled a list of around ten at last count -- but in
my opinion, no one is going to vouch for them without being part of
the Terasology community long enough to say that they would make good
GSOC mentors.   In my opinion, the ASF, through me, is probably their
best chance at this point in time.

Since I'm an ASF member, a PMC member on two projects, a long-time
contributor, and have been involved as a mentor for one successful
top-level ASF project/community graduating from the incubator , I'm
hoping that my recommendation that they would be a good GSOC mentoring
organization is sufficient.
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