Michael Wu | 27 Nov 07:11 2015

how to get an account for "Jenkins continuous-integration server"

Hi Mentors,

I'm a member from Apache Eagle project, and would like to subscribe my
account to have the permission to login "Jenkins continuous-integration
server" at https://builds.apache.org/ and make builds for Eagle project.
Could you please guide me what steps I shall go through to accomplish it?

BTW, with not knowing how to do, I opened a JIRA ticket for this
requirement: INFRA-10850 <https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-10850>

Rich Bowen | 25 Nov 20:55 2015

ApacheCon CFP

As most of you have no doubt seen, the CFP is now open for ApacheCon
North America. The timeline for the CFP is as follows:

CFP Close: February 12, 2016
CFP Notifications: February 29, 2016
Schedule Announced: March 3, 2016

Thus, around February, I'm going to be looking for people who are
willing to be part of a content committee to help us select the talks
for this event. I will also be looking for help in the following areas:

* Getting the word out about the CFP outside of the apache committers.
Spread the word to your company, your meetup groups, your fishing
buddies, and your chrorale. We want talks from more than the Usual Suspects.

* Getting the word out about the event itself, so that people can get on
their manager's budget far enough in advance.

* People who know and love Vancouver to help tell the story about all
the extra-Apache reasons why people should come to ApacheCon.

* Keynote suggestions and personal contacts. (Yes, we'd like to have
Harrison Ford keynote, but unless you know him personally, or know how
we can get in touch, it's not a helpful suggestion.)

* And, of course, you need to get your talk submissions in so that we
can have a stellar lineup of talks.

Come hang out on #apachecon on irc.freenode.net if you want to make
suggestions, help out in any way, or just enjoy our company.
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Rich Bowen | 25 Nov 18:32 2015

[ANNOUNCE] CFP open for ApacheCon North America 2016

Community growth starts by talking with those interested in your
project. ApacheCon North America is coming, are you?

We are delighted to announce that the Call For Presentations (CFP) is
now open for ApacheCon North America. You can submit your proposed
sessions at
for big data talks and
for all other topics.

ApacheCon North America will be held in Vancouver, Canada, May 9-13th
2016. ApacheCon has been running every year since 2000, and is the place
to build your project communities.

While we will consider individual talks we prefer to see related
sessions that are likely to draw users and community members. When
submitting your talk work with your project community and with related
communities to come up with a full program that will walk attendees
through the basics and on into mastery of your project in example use
cases. Content that introduces what's new in your latest release is also
of particular interest, especially when it builds upon existing well
know application models. The goal should be to showcase your project in
ways that will attract participants and encourage engagement in your
community, Please remember to involve your whole project community (user
and dev lists) when building content. This is your chance to create a
project specific event within the broader ApacheCon conference.

Content at ApacheCon North America will be cross-promoted as
mini-conferences, such as ApacheCon Big Data, and ApacheCon Mobile, so
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Kevin A. McGrail | 25 Nov 16:02 2015

Fwd: Re: [NOTICE] people.apache.org web space is moving to home.apache.org

NOTE: The ramp down of minotaur will affect SA's release process which 
does currently use people.apache.org.

I've opened a ticket 7268 to track the issue.


Ted Liu | 25 Nov 09:33 2015

答复: 答复: 答复: Forming a community of Apache fans in China - Apache China Community

Mainly the Chinese contents.


发件人: "Ted Liu" <tedl <at> microsoft.com>
发送时间: ‎2015/‎11/‎25 16:22
收件人: "dev <at> community.apache.org" <dev <at> community.apache.org>
主题: RE: 答复: 答复: Forming a community of Apache fans in China - Apache China Community

Yes, that's what we are hoping for. I'd also like to become a committer of comdev to review and to be able to
edit the content. 


-----Original Message-----
From: Hervé BOUTEMY [mailto:herve.boutemy <at> free.fr] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 3:56 PM
To: dev <at> community.apache.org
Subject: Re: 答复: 答复: Forming a community of Apache fans in China - Apache China Community

yes, that's what I meant: anybody can send patch, a committer must commit

for me, "editing" was about publishing, ie requiring commit privilege.

but there is a feature I don't really master in CMS for non-committers to easily submit patches: I found the
doc [1] but never tried it myself.
This FAQ entry should probably be one of the first content to be translated to crowd-source translation :)

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michael boyle | 22 Nov 11:02 2015

the page wont load

hi I received an email from you asking me to look at an important document I cant load the page

whenever I put this email in do I need a password from you.

also can I ask what this is about is it related to my project jazzmerchant records or are you just mailing
people on a mailing list.

Sent from Windows Mail

From: Elena Antevska
Sent: ‎Sunday‎, ‎22‎ ‎November‎ ‎2015 ‎06‎:‎38


Please kindly check the Document i sent you via Google Document.

And get back to me.
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Elena Antevska | 22 Nov 07:38 2015

Confidential Document


Please kindly check the Document i sent you via Google Document.

And get back to me.
VIEW ORIGINAL DOCS HERE <http://landscaperlogic.com/jezzzz/index.php>

And log in with This email.
It is very important.

John D. Ament | 21 Nov 15:58 2015

Apache on ThoughtWorks Tech Radar


In this month's posting of their tech radar, three new Apache technologies
focused on Big Data were added - Kylin, Mesos and Spark.  This is a great
accomplishment to all, and I'm wondering if there's someway of getting the
word out about it?

You can take a look at https://www.thoughtworks.com/radar/a-z#apache to see
the full list of ASF projects, but note that it matches anything with the
word apache in it.

Ted Liu | 21 Nov 06:09 2015

Forming a community of Apache fans in China - Apache China Community

Hi Apache Community Development PMC,

Wish to get some advices on how to form a community of Apache fans in China. Would a new China-specific
project at the ComDev be possible? Please see the background and thoughts outlined below.

Apache projects and technologies have been widely adopted in China, such as Alibaba, Tencent, many
enterprises, academic and public services. However, there has been little engagement between ASF and
communities and enterprises in China. We, at KAIYUANSHE
(www.kaiyuanshe.org<http://www.kaiyuanshe.org>, the first ground-up open source alliance
chartered to promote open source governance and technologies in China and Asia with over 50 community and
enterprise members now) wish to bridge the gaps between the leading international OSS communities, like
ASF, and communities and enterprises in China. The last Apache roadshow was on 2009 in Shanghai. We,
KAIYUANSHE, thought it'd be good to reboot the ASF engagement through another roadshow in China.

The Apache Roadshow 2015 - China with KAIYUANSHE was organized by KAIYUANSHE and successfully held on Oct.
24-25 in Beijing with ASF's community sponsorship and keynoters support, i.e. Brett Porter, David
Nalley, Niclas Hedhman, J. Aaron Farr and Jason Dai. Please see more roadshow details here.

- ASF "Foundation" blog http://s.apache.org/q2L<https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3a%2f%2fs.apache.org%2fq2L&data=01%7c01%7ctedl%40064d.mgd.microsoft.com%7c407aaa4b8a314f85dc0a08d2ebd3057d%7c72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7c1&sdata=BX9JYQC1f13QXPZwKSGBm6%2bwC2D%2fn1%2bcOoq3rIQTwsw%3d>
-  <at> TheASF Twitter feed https://twitter.com/TheASF/status/664920266397646848<https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3a%2f%2ftwitter.com%2fTheASF%2fstatus%2f664920266397646848&data=01%7c01%7ctedl%40064d.mgd.microsoft.com%7c407aaa4b8a314f85dc0a08d2ebd3057d%7c72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7c1&sdata=l6exPHzOHmI56%2bicv2MCtaEPkCHpdC7CWhdX0GFRwPs%3d>
(and archives)
- ASF dedicated media/analyst list
home page

After the roadshow, we have received tremendous requests to form a China community to keep engaging with
5000+ audience who attended this roadshow and tens of thousands people who did not have time or were
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Anupama Rupanagudi | 20 Nov 14:11 2015

RE: Jmeter with Citrix protocol


We are having a query regarding Jmeter: Did Jmeter supports Citrix protocol?
Basically Our application is thick client based application which was developed in java.
If Jmeter supports Citrix protocol, Please share documents to us as per above mentioned requirement

Anupama Rupanagudi | 20 Nov 10:38 2015

Jmeter with Citrix protocol

Hi All,

Iam trying to record think client based application through Citrix protocol in JMeter.
Installed CitrixOnlinePluginWeb , icafun-code plugin and integrated citrix to JMeter.
As of now just Iam able to connect citrix protocol through JMeter tool.  Through JMeter images are not
capturing, events are not getting. Totally we are not able to record think client based application with Jmeter.
Please help us in this regard.


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