Igor Galić | 25 Nov 16:52 2014

(improving) New Committers Info

Fellow Humans,

this weekend the trafficserver team added a new committer,
which means that i sent out this wonderful template with
a link to


for further information.

Who of you remembers getting that email?

and who remembers reading it, and weeping softly, because you
had no idea what's going on, and how you'll ever stand up to
the impossible standards of the demi-gods that just stretched
out a finger to you?

or is that just me? oh, well…

well, one way or another, these walls of text, and i'm using the
plural here, because in trafficserver's case we also invite people
to the PMC at the same time, which means they also get:


are profoundly unhelpful, out-dated, and to quote rich:

07:40 <+rbowen> igalic: Very discouraging and overwhelming. 
07:40 <+rbowen> Almost all of the first block of questions are ... pointless
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Rob Vesse | 25 Nov 12:36 2014

Attendee Numbers for ApacheCon EU?

Does anyone have an attendance figures for last weeks ApacheCon EU since I
ideally need to include it in my conference trip report?

Also one of the conference volunteers mentioned in passing that they were
counting attendees in individual sessions.  If they were is this data going
to be collated and shared anywhere?



Rich Bowen | 22 Nov 18:16 2014

Content tracks at ApacheCon Austin

The CFP for ApacheCon Austin closes on February 1st, so we have just 
over 2 months to get our content solicited for that event. I need your help.

At ApacheCon EU this week, I spoke with a number of project PMCs. I 
requested that they attempt to put together what they feel would be a 
good track - ie., a list of topics that they feel would need to be 
covered in order for their project to be properly represented - and then 
attempt to solicit *those* talks from their user/dev community.

This has a few benefits over the standard "what do you want to talk 
about?" CFP process. One, you end up with the talks that represent a 
full coverage of a project, without big holes. And it's a great way to 
encourage new speakers who are having trouble deciding what they might 
speak about.

I believe I'll be getting tracks from:

* Cloudstack
* OFBiz
* OpenOffice
* Mesos
* httpd

I would ask that you make this request of your project PMC, those of you 
who have a project (or more) that you are active on. Or find the person 
who should own this.

In the coming days, I'd like to build a list of people that are 
interested in making ApacheCon Austin happen, and in particular helping 
get PMCs more involved in the process. If that's you, please speak up.
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Pierre Smits | 22 Nov 09:36 2014

Fwd: ApacheCon US 2015 and change of CFP

Reposting in community development. I guess I took a wrong turn earlier.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Pierre Smits <pierre.smits@...>
Date: Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 2:24 PM
Subject: ApacheCon US 2015 and change of CFP
To: "apachecon-discuss@..." <apachecon-discuss@...>

Jan, All,

First of all, thanks to all (contributors, speakers, organisers and
supporting parties) who participated in making the ApacheCon EU 2014 a

It is one of the best ways to get the word out on what the contributors of
both the Apache projects and the Apache Software Foundation are doing,
achieving and how they collaborate. Thank you, Bertrand, for the brilliant
slide of the Swiss Army Knife, showing what the combined result of each
Apache project is.
It is also a great way to attract new users and contributors. Thank you,
Jan and Noah, for the equally brilliant slide regarding the soliciting for
new contributors by the CouchDb project. A strong message never needs a
complicated slide!

I have started out to bring the ApacheCon US 2015 event to attention of the
Apache OFBiz community in order promote it and investigate the interest for
presenting talks.

Now, Jan has told me yesterday (Nov 19,2014) that the way we are going to
review and accept talks might change for upcoming ApacheCon US 2015 event.
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jan i | 21 Nov 21:45 2014

Fwd: ApacheCON EU Budapest is history but will forever be remembered.

Hi all.

As one who participated in apacheCON Budapest and had an awesome week,let
me simply congratulate Rich Bowen as "mr apacheCON", The Linux Foundation
Team as producer and everybody who helped make it happen.

To all of you JOB WELL DONE !!!

As I told LF, my only complaint is that I cannot find anything to complain

ApacheCON seems to use bigger shoes everytime (looking at the foot print),
so I look forward to see how apacheCON Austin will be even more awesome.

To those of you who was not there.....mark 13th - 17th april 2015 in your
calendars and come to apacheCON NA in Austin texas.

thanks for making it happen
jan i.
Rich Bowen | 18 Nov 14:53 2014

Code of conduct

As many of you are no doubt aware, we have had on our website, for at 
least 8 years, and, I think probably much longer, "Code of conduct, 
coming soon!" Long enough, in fact, that I had completely forgotten 
about it.

It was brought to my attention this morning, and I decided, 
unilaterally, that it was appropriate for me to JFDI, and that I'd ask 
for forgiveness rather than permission.

I have stolen, wholesale, the code of conduct of the CouchDB project [1] 
which has discussed this extensively, and borrowed heavily from other 
communities that have discussed it extensively. So this isn't original 
content, but, rather, standing on the shoulders of giants.

I honestly can't figure out why we didn't just do this years ago, other 
than expecting that someone else would.

So, without further ado: 

Patches welcome.

I've also asked Noah Slater, who was very instrumental in crafting that 
document, to speak up here, so that:

* Patches to one document will propagate to the other, where appropriate
* ComDev can have a boilerplate document that we can recommend that ASF 
projects that don't have such a code, can adopt

Please do speak up if you have any objections to my taking this 
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邹阳 | 18 Nov 03:58 2014

Problems in James 3.0

Dear sirs,
        I'm developing with Jame3.0 beta4, and I want to dispatch the mail
to user target address meanwhile saving at server in DATABASE, which I've
already done by editing AbstractRecipientRewriteTableMailet.java source
        I need to put some identifiers in the dispatched mail, in order to
directly access the very subject by clicking the url in that mail. Now I've
encountered the issue that I can't find the right place to get the mail ID
which locates the mail in DATABASE. I would use that ID in
method, so plz help me with that~thx
        And my friend wondered why can't Jame save the attachments in
directories in Windows OS? only supported in Linux?

best regards!
Andrea Pescetti | 14 Nov 23:05 2014

Re: Apache Extras PoC

Kay Schenk wrote:
> Two questions --
> Are we ready to go ahead with these changes to /main/external_deps.lst --

No we aren't! Roberto sent us a proof of concept, but he wrote that even 
the URL will change, so it is definitely not OK to change the location 
for Extras from Google Code to SourceForge yet.

On the other hand, I just tried to create a new download at
(i.e., I tried to add the updated fonts package recently discussed on 
the OpenOffice dev list) and I confirm I can't add it. So the current 
service at Google Code cannot be used any longer to add new packages, 
which means that an alternative must be found (this has been known for 
months, but now this is really preventing us from getting things done).

> and since this is mirroring, I'm assuming we still put changes in our
> local  svn tree and SF will grab them from there. Correct?

The (remote or local) SVN tree has nothing to do with this. OpenOffice 
Extras is a section of Apache Extras which in turn is part of Google 
Code, and files to be mirrored are those at the link above.

Apache Extras in itself is foundation-wide, but only a few projects so 
far have expressed concerns about the policy change that is making it 
useless for OpenOffice in future.


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Rich Bowen | 10 Nov 21:22 2014

Fwd: European Commission Technology Adviser Bror Salmelin Joins ApacheCon Europe Keynote Lineup

Just in case you didn't see this ...

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: 	European Commission Technology Adviser Bror Salmelin Joins
ApacheCon Europe Keynote Lineup
Date: 	Thu, 06 Nov 2014 05:23:35 -0500
From: 	Linux Foundation Events <no-reply@...>
To: 	rbowen@...

European Commission Technology Adviser Bror Salmelin Joins ApacheCon
Europe Keynote Lineup
European Commission Technology Adviser Bror Salmelin Joins ApacheCon
Europe Keynote Lineup 	Email not displaying correctly?
View it in your browser


*ApacheCon Europe

comes to Budapest this November 17-21*, featuring over 130 sessions
covering 30+ Apache projects including Cassandra, CloudStack, Cordova,
CouchDB, Geronimo, Hadoop, HBase, Hive, HTTP Server, Lucene, OpenOffice,
Struts, Subversion, Tomcat and more.

       Secure your place today!


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Roberto Galoppini | 10 Nov 09:01 2014

[events] ODF Plugfest event next month in UK

Hi all,

few of us are part of the ODF Plugfest organising committee, as such I've
just sorted out that the next ODF Plugfest will happen very soon.

Is anyone able to participate?


Christoph Emmersberger | 26 Oct 21:29 2014

Consideration to Create GitHub Mirrors for Apache Extras Project


I’m reaching out, in order to get your thoughts on the creation of GitHub mirrors for existing Apache
Extras project.

Quite some time ago, we had an infrastructure related discussion on the camel-extra mailing list [1] and
figured, that GitHub might be a good collaborative space that attracts other developers. Additionally,
GitHub provides a well established code contribution approach. In order to bring the discussion into the
right direction, I have filed an INFRA ticket [2], to track the progress on this topic. My proposal is:

(1) Create an “Apache Extras” organisation on GitHub (similar to the Apache organisation [3])
(2) Notify Apache Extras projects about the existence of the GitHub organisation
(3) Mirror existing Google code git repositories

Even if there are still ongoing discussions, if Google code is the appropriate space for Apache Extras, the
creation of mirrors would not interfere any migration opportunities and rather facilitate any upcoming decision.

Please provide your thoughts on that topic.

Many thanks and kind regards,


[1] http://camel-extra.1091541.n5.nabble.com/DISCUSS-Migration-to-Jira-td141.html#a151
<http://camel-extra.1091541.n5.nabble.com/DISCUSS-Migration-to-Jira-td141.html#a151>[2] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-8529
 <https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-8529>[3] https://github.com/apache <https://github.com/apache>