Pete Robbins | 1 Aug 17:42 2006

[ANNOUNCE] Tuscany C++ Milestone 1 Release

The Apache Tuscany community is pleased to announce its first C++ milestone

You can download binary and source distributions from:

For further information, visit our web site at:


Tuscany C++ provides a C++  implementation of the Service Component
Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO) specifications.

For pointers to the specification documents, visit our documentation page

Tuscany is an effort undergoing incubation at the Apache Software Foundation
(ASF), sponsored by the Web Services PMC.

Incubation is required of all newly accepted projects until a further review

indicates that the infrastructure, communications, and decision making
have stabilized in a manner consistent with other successful ASF projects.

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ant elder | 7 Aug 16:38 2006

Account request for new Tuscany committer: Kelvin Goodson

Tuscany has voted in Kelvin as a committer, could an account be created for
him please.

Preferred userid: kelvin
Full name: Kelvin James Goodson
Forwarding email: kelvingoodson@...

Requested Karma for: ws ws-tuscany

ICLA has been submitted and now appears on<>

Vote result 9 +1 votes and no -1s: <at>


Jim Marino | 7 Aug 20:36 2006

Account request for new committer: Raymond Feng

Could an account please be created for Raymond, as he has been voted  
a committer?

9 +1s
No -1s 

Preferred userid: 1) rfeng 2) raymondfeng
Full name: Zhaohui Feng (Raymond)
Forwarding email address: enjoyjava@...

Requested Karma for: ws ws-tuscany

Pete Robbins | 10 Aug 19:36 2006

Account request - new Tuscany committer - Andrew Borley

Preferred userid: ajborley
Full name: Andrew Borley
Forwarding email address: ajborley@...

Requested Karma for: ws ws-tuscany

ICLA has been submitted and appears on

Vote result 7+1 votes and no -1s: <at>



Brian McCallister | 16 Aug 05:20 2006

Forming an ActiveMQ PPMC

The ActiveMQ committers have decided to aim for TLP status (1), as  
such we need to get a PPMC in place. Thus far we have been working  
under a "committer votes all count" style (really, everyone's vote  
counts, it is on a public list without any of the "mine is binding"  
stuff that has become popular), so I would like to open the  
discussion of formalizing the PPMC as all current committers on  

We have been self-governing in that style so far, voting on releases,  
committer additions, project direction, and whatnot on the public - 
dev list (and forwarding the needed official things over to the  
incubator lists for the incubator pmc).


1) Thread starts 
AED4-500DCBFA1DF6@...%3e but archive hasn't picked up the  
tally yet

Kevin Williams | 17 Aug 18:12 2006

Account request <Tuscany> for new committer: Brent Daniel

Can you please create a committer account for Brent Daniel since he has 
been voted in.

Preferred userid: 1) bdaniel 2) bhdaniel
Full name: Brent Daniel
Forwarding email address: brenthdaniel@...

Requested Karma for: ws-tuscany

Vote: <at>