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1st CFP: RS4VLC - Recommender Systems to support the dynamics of Virtual Learning Communities

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Call for papers on Recommender Systems to support the dynamics of
Virtual Learning Communities
Special Issue - International Journal of Web Based Communities

This special issue aims to gather a collection of high quality
contributions that reflect the support that can be provided by
Recommender Systems in Virtual Learning Communities (VLC). It focuses
on the e-learning domain and the VLC that grow around it. This special
issue calls for papers in the community of researchers for recommender
systems in the educational domain that analyse the needs and propose
solutions from a user-centred point of view. Contributions are
expected to answer some of the following questions (among others):
- How recommendations can impact on the participants in VLC?
- What type of activities within the VLC could be improved or made
more productive with the usage of recommender systems?
- What types of situations in VLC are meaningful for providing recommendations?
- How can the utility of a recommender system be measured in a VLC?
- What types of recommendations are of special interest for the
educational domain?
- How can users be modelled to facilitate the recommendations process in VLC?
- What is the most appropriate design for a tool to manage the recommendations?

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
- Recommender systems for educational domain
- Inclusive recommendations in virtual learning communities (i.e. take
into account the diversity of the users, including the accessibility
- User-centred design methods
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