Jon Awbrey | 1 Aug 16:15 2011

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John F. Sowa | 2 Aug 04:58 2011

[] ICCS 2011

The 19th ICCS was held at the University of Derby last week, and
there were a lot of good presentations.  Workshops were held on
Monday and Tuesday with the ICCS talks from Wednesday to Friday.
Following is the program for the workshops and the conference:

Nagarjuna made a proposal for the 20th ICCS conference in India, but
the weather in India is much more pleasant in December or January
than in July.  He proposed to host ICCS in the second week of January
in 2013 -- collocated with the epiSTEME conference on research in
Science, Technology and Mathematics Education.

For the ICCS conference we could choose the theme of conceptual
structures in or for education.  Papers for both conferences would
be presented in parallel tracks, but the invited speakers would
be in plenary sessions.

Nagarjuna proposed to host ICCS + epiSTEME in Goa or some other area
with beach resorts.  I attended the first epiSTEME conference in 2004
in Goa, which is a very pleasant area that Europeans often visit for
winter vacations.  Following is a list of the epiSTEME conferences:

We also had some tentative proposals for ICCS in the US in 2014,
but no other proposals for 2013.  Therefore, it seems reasonable
that the 20th ICCS in India will cover both 2012 and 2013, and
we'll consider July 2014 in the US for the 21st ICCS.

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Jon Awbrey | 19 Aug 04:44 2011

Precursors Of Category Theory


Time has not been permitting me to keep up with the slow readings,
but I did notice a passing discussion of "Category Theory" and the
relation between various notions of categories over the years, so I
thought the following sketch might be of interest, where I tried to
trace the continuities of the concept from Aristotle, thorough Kant
and Peirce, Hilbert and Ackermann, to contemporary mathematical use.

Precursors Of Category Theory



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